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Selling solar in Las Vegas is not for gamblers

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A detail-oriented homeowner who demanded not only the most advanced technology, but also the nicest aesthetics.


Panasonic HIT® Black panels that provide high efficiency solar output and excellent curb appeal.


An eco-friendly Net-zero home boasting a 16.9kW solar panel system that produces more energy than it consumes.

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Project Details

•    Solar panel installer: Sol-Up, Las Vegas, NV
•    Customer: Private homeowner
•    Property type: New 4,225 square foot single story home in Henderson, NV 
•    Rooftop solar products used: 52 Panasonic HIT® 325W panels 
•    Power production: 16.9kW DC, estimated to produce 27,252 kWh annually

As a solar installer in one of the country’s most competitive markets, you better offer more than just a good price. The cliché “you get what you pay for” is especially true when shopping for a home solar system.

Sol-Up, a Panasonic Elite Installer and a top-rated solar company in Las Vegas, created a strategy with high odds of winning for his business and its customers: deliver best-in-class product quality and services throughout the entire project. 

 “The solar market in Las Vegas is extremely competitive,” says Sol-Up founder and CEO, Frank Rieger. “Sol-Up has chosen to set itself apart from others by offering only the utmost in quality on every component at every stage of the solar project, and that starts with Panasonic solar panels.”

Panasonic panels… helped seal the deal.
Frank Rieger, CEO, Sol-Up

The Challenge

“The acquisition of this project was very challenging,” Rieger explained. Winning this customer took nine consecutive quotes, multiple site visits, and a slew of emails and phone calls. From first contact to final signature the sale took more than 24 months to finalize. 

The customer wanted the best and didn’t hide his demanding ways. “I know I am demanding,” the homeowner admitted. “But I do not only want the most advanced technology, I also want the best aesthetics possible for every single component of the solar system, period”.

solar panels on house
solar panels on house
solar panels on house

The Solution

The new solar array consists of 52 Panasonic HIT® 325W solar panels. HIT® panels are among the most efficient on the market and offer a low temperature coefficient. This assures peak performance in hotter temperatures where many panels experience declining power output, especially important in Vegas’ hot desert temperatures.

“Panasonic panels with their superior warranties and premium brand recognition helped to finally seal the deal with this unique and extremely demanding client,” Rieger said. 

The system was installed on a beautiful new home with sleek design and precious construction materials. The client demanded a 100% clean design with the most aesthetic appeal and total symmetry from all sides. He chose the black-on-black Panasonic panel and insisted on black rails despite them not being visible from the outside. 

Once the system was installed the homeowner felt annoyed by a slight reflection from the backside of the panels at one corner of the array. Sol-Up technicians added a SolaTrim bird guard to the back edge of the array, giving it a solid look and blocking all reflections when viewed from the garden.

The property now stands tall as a net-zero home, producing more energy than it uses.

The Result

The new solar system provides 16.9kW of clean electricity, more than enough to offset the home’s high utility bills. It is projected to produce 27,252kWh of renewable energy annually, easily exceeding the power requirements for energy-hogging devices such as the three air conditioner compressors and pumps for the huge pool. 

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The solar power generated equals roughly 180% of the household’s electricity needs. The property now produces more energy that it consumes and qualifies as an eco-friendly net-zero home. 

“I’m a fan of Steve Jobs, who wanted his computers to look pristine as an expression of perfection, so I knew what the homeowner was asking for,” said Rieger. “I did not call this project ‘finished’ until he was 100% happy with every inch of the final result.”

Sol-Up’s mission of installing only the highest quality solar products has paid off. 


“Being rewarded by our customers with the best reviews and a stellar reputation as the premium solar provider in town is a result of our focus on the absolute best in quality,” Rieger said. “The product quality and partner support we get from Panasonic plays a big part in that.”