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Smart Answers for Fire

Respond to the scene faster with smart answers.

Fire True to Your Work

Panasonic provides solutions that help firefighters as soon as they’re dispatched to a potential blaze. The ability to use mobile solutions en route to access building schematics and plans can shave off seconds from the time they need to understand and plan how to manage the incident. At the scene incident commanders can connect to other emergency and community resources via first-responder solutions like FirstNet®. First responders can also stream live video and monitor firefighter safety with real-time information from body-worn equipment. While at a victim’s side, firefighters can access patient records via electronic patient care reporting(ePCR) and have the ability to video-conference with emergency room doctors to help start life-saving treatment sooner for better outcomes.

Our mobile solutions combine purpose-built TOUGHBOOK® rugged laptops, tablets, and handhelds with industry-leading software and services so firefighters can improve responsiveness and work smarter.

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FirstNet and Toughbook

Panasonic and FirstNet:

Panasonic and First Responder mobile solutions connect the men and women on the frontlines of emergencies with access to priority and preemption services over a dedicated LTE network core. We offer a diverse array of trusted Panasonic FirstNet Ready™ TOUGHBOOK mobile computers to help first responders stay safe, connected and in control during the toughest emergencies. Want to learn more about FirstNet for first responders?

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Overcoming budget challenges

The Panasonic Grants Support Program provides public sector agencies with grants information, customized funding research and consultation that will help agencies develop project ideas, get technology-rich projects funded and even expand initiatives that are already in the works.

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Smart Answers for Fire

Deployment and vehicle mounting:

For a complete solution, fire departments can look beyond mobile computers and software to services and accessories that help ensure a successful deployment. Panasonic’s ProServices team helps you plan, deploy, and maintain your solutions with a tailored package of strong warranties and services that help you solve specific organizational challenges while supporting IT and first responders. Learn how Panasonic’s ProServices outfitted Hialeah Fire Department with the right rugged mobile solutions.

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