automotive connectivity

Bringing the outside in for a connected experience

Whether it’s transforming 90 miles of highway in Denver into a vehicle communication network, or the development of a Sustainable Smart Town in Japan, we’re focused on the future of connectivity.

White-label, global platform

The OneConnect™ global platform ensures vehicles are maintained and up-to-date. Firmware Over-the-Air (FOTA) gives drivers new content and upgrades directly from OEMs. Vehicle usage metrics and analytics reduce warranty and understand how vehicles and features are used to drive next-generation specifications. 

OneConnect Platform


V2X | At the forefront of connected network solutions

Dedicated Short Range Communication (DSRC) on-board units with GPS and new 4G LTE and 5G specifications enable driver-alert technologies for vehicle, infrastructure and pedestrian communications, including Forward Collision Warning (FCW), Blind Spot Warning (BSW), Left Turn Assist (LTA), Pedestrian Crossing Assist and more. With in-depth research findings, roadway operators are provided with improved infrastructure diagnostics, faster emergency response times, intelligent traffic signal control and accurate traveler information.

Panasonic has decades of experience in E-toll and other DSRC applications and is taking this expertise to bring forth many V2X applications. Through our collaboration with Ficosa, we have an extensive portfolio of antenna technologies, allowing us to provide complete system solutions to our customers.


Detect and prevent cyber-attacks in-vehicle

To detect and prevent vehicle cybersecurity issues, Panasonic Automotive provides proprietary prevention measures to ensure safe driving for autonomous and connected cars. Systems are compatible with Controller Area Network (CAN) and Ethernet, enabling detections of intrusions to the entire vehicle. As entire vehicle lines roll out, data can be collected from the cloud to more easily detect attacks. The system also provides OEMs ease of compliance with future in-vehicle security legislation.


Cost-effective, scalable connectivity

Telematics Control Unit

Cost-effective, scalable connectivity is available for nearly all manufacturer communication interfaces, including 2G, 3G, 4G, WiFi, CAN, RKE, BTLE and Ethernet. Customized web interfaces can be developed, and module connectivity is utilized to create a WiFi hot spot, while enabling bandwidth to surf the internet. What's more, Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE) enables wearable devices to even replace your vehicle keys.

The telematics control unit, or TCU, system features an optimal design for enhanced antennae performance, and applications include Car to Cloud, IoT and connected car services, stolen vehicle tracking, and roadside assistance. 

Smart Connectivity Module

The smart connectivity module (SCM) enables those in the vehicle to be connected to the internet simultaneously, independently, and with superior performance. The module provides new 4G/LTE network capabilities, allowing several users to surf the web with efficient speeds. Technology is integrated within the vehicle through one physical solution that houses various internal and external antennas. This engineering choice simplifies the product’s impact on vehicle architecture, providing a significant cost reduction.

Clear Film Antennae

The ability to embed an antenna inside a vehicle’s structure allows for a more beautiful vehicle design while enhancing engineering opportunities. Panasonic Automotive’s Clear Film Antennae is a single muddle design, compatible with most car platforms and services, including LTE (MIMO up to 4x4), GNSS, SDARS, and RKE. For vehicle models without a roof, the antenna module can be embedded in alternative locations. Additionally, a low frequency module can be added.