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Riding into the future

We’re helping to bring the freedom of motorcycling to the next generation of riders. Industry-leading connectivity takes the two-wheel experience to a thrilling new level, enabling Harley-Davidson bikers to sit back and enjoy the ride.

The Harley-Davidson LiveWire™

Electrifying the motorcycle industry

Harley-Davidson is revved to lead the sport of motorcycling into the future with the debut of LiveWire™, the first mass-market cellular connected eMotorcycle in North America. Coming this August, LiveWire™ exhilarates new audiences with its no clutch, no shifting, easy-to-maneuver design, pushing the boundaries of two-wheel EV performance and technology.

Panasonic Automotive links the motorcycle rider to their vehicle through a cellular connection to the telematics control unit with cloud services that enhance the latest version of the Harley-Davidson App and the Harley-Davidson Connected Rider service. Together, the systems let LiveWire™ owners use their smart device to remotely monitor their vehicle – oil level, tire pressure, battery life and more – providing 24-7 operational information, over-the-air updates, stolen vehicle tracking, roadside assistance and data-collection for performance analytics.

Smart transportation takes to two-wheels

We’re redefining the future of transportation by powering smart, enjoyable and eco-responsible mobility. Panasonic is the leading global supplier of automotive infotainment and vehicle connectivity systems, and now we’re extending our expertise to the two-wheel market. Collaborating with Harley-Davidson to drive the eMotorcyle revolution, our technology gives riders next-generation convenience and peace of mind.

LiveWire™ pushes the boundaries of performance, technology and design in the two-wheel world
Bike security
Connected Live Wire
H-D Connected Rider

A data driven ride

Panasonic Automotive connects riders to their motorcycle through a cellular connection to the telematics control unit (TCU) utilizing Panasonic’s OneConnect™ service. The OneConnect™ service complements the latest version of the Harley-Davidson™ App and the new Harley-Davidson Connect™ service. Together, these systems link LiveWire™ riders with their motorcycle through their smartphone providing features such as motorcycle status, tamper alerts and vehicle location and service reminder and notifications.