Living in the foreground, getting there in the background

Panasonic is uniquely positioned to partner and envision a future of autonomy with any OE.  Our deep consumer heritage can be seen throughout the concepts unveiled at CES 2018.  In the near future, riding in our Autonomous Living Space Cabin, spending better quality time becomes the main purpose.  In this concept, we highlight four modes of spending higher quality time while moving plus a self-identification feature / security to enter the ride. The beautifully appointed materials are specifically chosen to complement the vision of this concept cabin’s technologies.  Additionally, this concept cabin is guided by an artificial intelligence voice concierge that can learn, answer, assist and fulfill your living space needs. 

Autonomous Living Space Cabin

Autonomous Buck CES interior

Self ID & Body Temperature Management

Our cabin concept welcomes you with a lighted ground doormat and facial and eye tracking identification system.  Once identified, your profile is accepted, loaded and stored into the cabin.

Once seated, the cabin concept identifies your thermal temperature, logs it, and automatically adjusts the perforated heated and cooled seats on your back and beneath your seat.  The unique airflow creates a top-down flow of air over the front of your person and pulls warm air from your seat until your body temperature is cooled or heated to the perfect 68 degrees. 

Relaxation Mode

If you’ve had a long day, you can set music to please on a 22 surround speaker system, select the visual stimulation of mountains or oceans to soothe on four large 55 inch screens and relax while aroma therapy and our award winning air purification technology, nano-e, works to deactivate bacteria and humidify the air around you.  An electronic shade is available to dim the outside glare and provide a restful environment. 

Theater Mode

If friends and family travel together and you want to share picture or watch a movie, the large screens and premium audio system can replicate that of your own theater.

Business Mode

If business must continue while traveling, the designated business seat swivels to meet a live conference to keep you productive.  This seat area is equipped with active notice cancellation (ANC) to effectively sound-proof the call as well as provide a privacy filter so the recipients are restricted from seeing the other activity in the cabin for the sake of others traveling with you.

Celebration Mode

When rested and all business is complete, it is time to celebrate. The concept cabin allows for personalized messaging, ordering of products and services while moving and visual fun to share with family and friends.


Foundation to autonomous


As the global leader in energy and batteries, Panasonic understands that that one of the foundational “musts” for the future of autonomous is highly dependent upon electrification.  As the many automakers announce their prospective plans to build electric and electrified fleets, Panasonic’s deep expertise and ability to partner with the likes of global Toyota to further our energy relationship is a valued asset to automakers. Read more

Scalable ePowertrain

Another foundation for autonomous is the ability to create convertible, scalable electric power for any need.  See the concept we presented at CES 2018 for a representation of either two or four wheel sleds that could possibly scale and serve multiple needs in a busy metro area. Read more

Scalable e-Powertrain