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PT-EW650U 3LCD FIxed Installation Projector Discontinued

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Product details

Compact and powerful LCD projectors
Designed to light up lecture theaters and conference rooms

Key features

  • LCD, 5,800 lumens, WXGA
  • High brightness in compact and lightweight body
  • Dust resistant cabinet and up to 15,000 hours maintenance free Eco Filter
  • Powered with lens-shift and a wide range of optional lenses
  • 10,000:1 contrast ratio (in high contrast mode)
  • Wireless
  • Digital Link
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Specification Description
Power supply AC100 - 240V 5.3 - 2.1A 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 461W
Power consumption | Standby Mode (Eco) 0.5W, 0.3W (Taiwan)
Power consumption | Standby Mode (Normal) 12W
Power consumption | Standby Mode (Normal and Audio monitor out) 30W
BTU value Max 1,573BTU
LCD panel | Panel size 16.3 mm (0.64 in) diagonal (16:10 aspect ratio)
LCD panel | Display method Transparent LCD panel (x 3, R/G/B)
LCD panel | Drive method Active matrix
LCD panel | Pixels 1,024,000 (1,280 x 800) x 3, total of 3,072,000 pixels
LENS Powered zoom (throw ratio 1.22-2.26:1),
powered focus, F 1.6-2.2, f 17.1-31.7 mm
Lamp 320 W UHM lamp
Lamp replacement cycle
4,000 hours (lamp power: Normal), 5,000 hours (lamp power: Eco)
This is the maximum value when the lamp is turned on for 2 hours
and off for 0.25 hours.
Screen size 1.02- 10.16 m (40-400 inches) (16:10 aspect ratio)
Brightness 5,800 lumens
(Lamp power: Normal, Dynamic mode, Iris off, Daylight View:off, Auto Power Save:off)
Center-to-corner uniformity 90%
Contrast 10,000:1
(Lamp power: Normal, Dynamic mode, Iris on, Daylight View:off, Auto Power Save:off)
Resolution 1,280 x 800 pixels (WXGA)
Scanning frequency | HDMI/DIGITAL LINK fH: 15- 90kHz, fV: 24 - 100Hz, dot clock: 25 - 162 MHz
Scanning frequency | RGB fH: 15- 90kHz, fV: 24 - 100Hz, dot clock: 162 MHz or lower
Scanning frequency | YPBPR (YCBCR) 525i (480i): fH15.73 kHz; fV59.94 Hz,
625i (576i): fH15.63 kHz; fV50 Hz,
525p (480p): fH31.47 kHz; fV60 Hz,
625p (576p): fH31.25 kHz; fV50 Hz,
750 (720)/60p: fH45.00 kHz; fV60 Hz,
750 (720)/50p: fH37.50 kHz; fV50 Hz,
1125 (1080)/60i: fH33.75 kHz; fV60 Hz,
1125 (1080)/50i: fH28.13 kHz; fV50 Hz,
1125 (1080)/25p: fH28.13 kHz; fV25 Hz,
1125 (1080)/24p: fH27.00 kHz; fV24 Hz,
1125 (1080)/24sF: fH27.00 kHz; fV48 Hz,
1125 (1080)/30p: fH33.75 kHz; fV30 Hz,
1125 (1080)/60p: fH67.50 kHz; fV60 Hz,
1125 (1080)/50p: fH56.25 kHz; fV50 Hz
Scanning frequency | Video/S-Video fH: 15.75 kHz, fV: 59.94 Hz [NTSC/NTSC4.43/PAL-M/PAL60]
fH: 15.63 kHz, fV: 50 Hz [PAL/PAL-N/SECAM]
<sup>(1)</sup> Measurement, measuring conditions, and method of notation all comply with ISO 21118 international standards.<br/>
<sup>(2)</sup> Measured at center area of projector screen. Measurement method is in compliance with ISO/IEC 21118: 2012. Value is average of all products when shipped. May differ depending on actual unit.