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Digital Wireless Microphone System


Panasonic’s WX-SR200P digital wireless microphone system uses DECT* to transmit audio over a 1.9 GHz spectrum, enabling a solid, secure connection that is likely to protect against mandated frequency spectrum changes. Optimized for presentations, the system delivers excellent sound quality in small to large spaces with an internal low-cut filter switch to enhance speech. Panasonic’s wireless microphones, bodypacks and receivers are easy to setup, making the system a best-in-class solution for in-room or remote presentation in education or corporate applications.

* Acronym for Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications.


Crystal Clear Sound, Optimized for Presentation

Internal low-cut filter switch enhances speech sound clarity by attenuating low frequencies.


Solid & Secure Wireless Spectrum

The FCC has changed frequency spectrum operation parameters every couple of years. Panasonic’s WX-SR200P digital wireless microphone system uses DECT, which offers protected and encrypted communication to transmit the audio over a 1.9 GHz spectrum. This enables a solid, secure connection that is more likely to be immune from further frequency spectrum changes, unlike UHF and 2.4 GHz wireless communication systems.

The microphone and receiver are pair-registered and use encryption for communication, which offers less interference with other wireless devices and prevents eavesdropping.


Distributed Architecture

Panasonic’s distributed system architecture separates the antenna from the wireless receiver. Up to eight (8) antennas can be connected to one Panasonic wireless receiver, allowing you to expand system coverage from small classrooms to larger classrooms, meeting rooms, and auditoriums.


Intuitive Set Up & Channel Management

Panasonic’s wireless microphones, bodypacks and receivers are pair-registered, making setup extremely easy. The antenna range can be set for the size of room to minimize interference with classrooms adjacent, above or below from each other.


Durable & Deployed in Thousands of Classrooms Worldwide

Panasonic’s digital wireless microphones are engineered to withstand the rugged Higher Ed environment and have been installed in thousands of schools worldwide. The system carries a 3-year warranty.


Easy Third-Party Compatibility

Panasonic’s digital wireless microphone system can be easily controlled by third-party control systems such as Crestron* and Extron*, allowing the end user the ability to view and set microphone levels, view rechargeable battery levels and more.

*Compatible with the following third-party control systems: Crestron and Extron

Awards & Accolades


HETMA Approved - The higher ed stamp of approval.

What products can truly stand up to the demands of the higher ed environments? The HETMA Approved program SME’s put products to the test in real environments so we can have confidence in the products we install in our classrooms.

HETMA Approved is a signature program where they “kick the tires” in real environments to confirm it does what the manufacturer says it does. This way, when you design and install your spaces, you can have confidence that it will perform as spec’d.

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