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Transcend the boundaries of real life and online with a hybrid conference where everyone can be heard.

Product details

PressIT 360 is the latest addition to the family of Panasonic presentation systems. PressIT 360 allows anyone to easily set up a group video conference with a simple single cable solution. Covering a full 360 degress, PressIT 360 has 4 integrated cameras and 7 microphones, ensuring that communication remains natural between both in-person and virtual meeting participants.

Key features

  • Ability to stream images covering a full 360 degrees either stitched as one image or as 4 separate images
  • 7 x integrated microphones
  • 4 x integrated 2K resolution cameras
  • Single USB cable connection
  • Ultra portable with flexible mounting options, ideal for hybrid workspaces

Specification Description
Microphone MEMS Microphone array
Dimensions Φ64 mm × 285 mm/Φ2.52" x 11.23"(Operation base Φ100 mm (Φ3.94"))
Distortion -14.90%
Speaker Output 1.5 W (When supplying power from USB Type-C) or
3 W (When AC adaptor is connected)
Operating conditions Temperature: 0 °C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F)
Humidity: 20 % to 80 % (no condensation)
S/N ratio 68.75 dBA
Power supply USB Type-C (5 V/3 A) or AC adaptor DC 12 V/2 A
Mass 950 g/2.1 lbs.
Microphone Sensitivity -35dBFS
Imaging element 1/2.7"5MP CMOS
F number of the lens 2.5
Lens TTL 14.7 mm
Number of microphones 7
Beam forming Supported
Connection terminals USB Type-C (Receptacle/USB2.0) DC plug 12 V/2 A
Power consumption (when outputting video) 11 W
Security slot Noble Wedge lock(mounting Φ11 mm or less)
Usable altitude range 0 m to 2800 m (0 to 9186 ft)
Field of view (H x V) 360 x 60


Connect the cable to the PC and start the meeting immediately

Simply connect the camera, microphone, and speakers in one unit to a computer with a USB Type-C (hereafter referred to as USB-C) cable. No time is needed to prepare and set up equipment, so meetings can be started smoothly.


1. Bring into the conference room


2. Just connect to a PC using USB-C


3. Start web conference


Only one USB-C is needed to connect to a PC.

Video and audio data can be sent to your PC with a single USB-C. Since the terminal integrates a camera, microphone, and speakers, there is no need to prepare separate equipment.1

1: For connection to a USB-C port of a PC capable of supplying 5V/3A of power. It can also be connected using an AC adapter. When using the USB-C to USB-C alone, volume is limited compared to when using the AC adapter.


Easy operation with just the push of a button

Volume control, muting, and video mode selection can be intuitively operated using buttons on the control panel of the main unit. The LED ring also informs the user of the operating status by color. You can check whether the microphone is on or off, etc., at a glance. In addition, detailed settings for camera position adjustment and image quality change can be made using a dedicated app.

Clear video and audio transmission for natural and realistic communication


Common issues that occur in web conferencing, such as not knowing who is speaking, waiting for someone to speak, and howling can be eliminated.

Four cameras capture 360-degree horizontal images, so when placed in the center of a conference room, participants at any seat can be seen in high quality and realistic images. The microphone also cover a wide 360-degree horizontal area and can recognize voices from a radius of up to five meters. The system also features echo and noise cancellation and volume equalization, which automatically adjusts to make it easier to hear participants, eliminating the sound trouble that can be a challenge in web conferencing. The system supports natural communication with people participating in a conference at a distance by collecting and amplifying clear sound.

The original performance may not be achieved depending on the conference system used, Internet connection speed, and bandwidth.

A variety of video modes to choose from according to the situation

It is possible to focus on the speaker or to display a fixed whiteboard

Five different video modes allow meetings to proceed with the camera layout best suited for communication. For example, by using Multi view, a green bar indicating the speaker is lit on the PC on the remote worker, making it easy to recognize the speaker. Remote work participants will be able to read the expressions on the office side of the room and know when to speak up.


Dual view

360-degrees view the conference room. Focuses on up to two speakers.

Single view

Focus on the person speaking in the conference room.

Multi view

Focuses on up to four speakers. Shows a green bar above the speaker screen.

Surround view

360-degree overall display divided to two 180-degree screens.

Stable view

Displays images with a fixed position as a web camera.
The green LED gradation changes in the direction of the speaker's voice. This function may not be activated in certain modes

Expand usage scenarios with ease of installation


Functional size and sophisticated design

Diameter 64 mm(2.52"), height 285 mm(11.23"), weight approx. 950 g(2.1 lbs.). The slim shape and seamless fabric netting create a discreet appearance that is unobtrusive even when placed in the center of a conference table. The camera captures the participants' faces at an optimal angle of incidence without overlapping with the computer, so you can concentrate on the discussion without worrying about the equipment.

Laptop for business
- Windows: Lenovo (Thinkpad L15 15.6 inch), HP(250 G8 15.6 inch), Dell (Vostro 15.6 inch),
- Mac: MacBook Pro (max size 16 inch)


Equipped with a 1/4-inch tripod fixing screw hole

The bottom of the unit is equipped with a 1/4-inch screw hole, so it can be fixed to a tripod and permanently installed in a location other than on a desk. It is also equipped with a Noble Wedge lock security slot1, which can be connected to a security wire to protect valuable equipment from being stolen in case of theft.

1: Mounting surface Φ11 mm or less.


More detailed settings, such as camera position adjustment and image quality changes, can be made on the PC.

The PressIT app built into the unit can be installed on a PC to perform detailed settings.

  • Display of camera images
  • Video control (zoom in/zoom out, tilt up/down, pan left/right) *May not work on some models.
  • Image quality adjustment
  • Speaker operation test
  • Firmware update and version confirmation

Supporting operation systems for the PC app are Microsoft Windows (Windows 10/11), and macOS.