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Moving forward to create a better community for us all

A Basic Business Philosophy Beginning with Contribution to Society

For a century, our vision, our work, our heart has been focused on improving the way people live. And nowhere is that commitment more alive than in our outreach efforts, inspired by the principals of our founder, Mr. Konosuke Matsushita.  Mr. Matsushita's business philosophy consists of fundamental principles that begins with "Gratitude" and ends with "Contribution to Society."  

Committed to supporting communities we serve, locally and globally

From the beginning, we’ve been driven to create positive change through technology. But our mission goes well beyond the products we develop. We’re committed to enhancing quality of life through community outreach programs that help schools and families, donations to worthy causes, collaboration with local government, and employee volunteers.

We are Panasonic – moving forward and making a difference

At its core, our mission is to apply positive energy toward a greater good. You can see these efforts come to life through Panasonic initiatives in Newark, New Jersey, our corporate home, and through signature programs such as Kid Witness News, Creative Design Challenge and Eco Diaries that help students reach their full potential.

We are confident our outreach efforts have made and will continue to make a big difference in the lives of those we have touched, and that making a difference will continue to be synonymous with the name Panasonic.

Take a closer look at Panasonic’s community outreach efforts

Contribution to Society - it's not a moment, it's a movement.

Our purpose is to establish Outreach programs and initiatives that will align with our core business goals and objectives.  We strive to develop strategic partnerships and relationships with community based non-profit organization and other anchor institutions within the city of Newark, home to our corporate headquarters in North America, and establish mutually beneficial programs that firmly engage Panasonic and its employees in the community that will provide the greatest impact - short and long term- with emphasis on:

Education & STEM Programming

Environmental Sustainability

Workforce Development