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We’re leading the way to safer and more sustainable travel

It’s time to rethink roadways. At Panasonic, we’re embracing the utility and possibility they provide while leveraging technology to address the dangers and inefficiencies that have been inherent for far too long. Imagine cars, motorcycles and bikes moving in perfect synchronization. Drivers that are connected to everything on the road, so they can make better in-the-moment decisions. Energy-efficient cars moving on roadways like clockwork, getting people to destinations faster while reducing pollution. Those are the kind of intelligent roadways we’re pouring our passion and dedication into creating, moving us all forward to a better tomorrow.


Panasonic smart roadways:

Result in up to an 80% reduction in non-impaired crashes
Increase roadway throughput efficiency by as much as 400%
Can generate 2 billion safety messages per hour from vehicles

The passion powering safer transportation systems

Our employees are incredible individuals who each have a vision of how they can make the world a better place. See why it’s important to three of our dedicated employees to transform today’s roadways into safe, stress-free roads of the future.

Making roads, and everything on them, smarter

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How smart mobility technologies transform roads

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Partnerships that create roadways of the future

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Forward thinking, forward moving

We’ve teamed up with the Department of Transportation of both Georgia and Utah to integrate smarter roadways in their cities. By leveraging the CIRRUS by Panasonic® data management platform, Georgia’s Department of Transportation will gain trial access to a vehicle-to-everything (V2X) ecosystem that constantly receives actionable information and transmits critical roadway information between state traffic roadway operators and vehicles equipped with V2X technology. This effort is estimated to increase roadway efficiency as much as 400%. In Utah, our partnership involves developing the nation’s most advanced transportation network to improve roadway safety.

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We’re moving the world forward with passion and incredible partnerships. Discover what moves us.
We’re moving the world forward with passion and incredible partnerships. Discover what moves us.

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