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Immersive Entertainment

We’re exploring the creative frontiers of immersive entertainment.


Bringing immersive entertainment to life

Storytelling is no longer confined to a single screen. With immersive entertainment, innovative projection technologies can create engaging 360-degree worlds for audiences to explore.

At Panasonic, we're as passionate about enabling these inspiring experiences as the creatives who utilize our technology to share their visions. Recently, our own immersive entertainment experts spoke with industry insiders and visionaries to discuss what's next in this exciting space.

Spotlight on Illuminarium

See how Panasonic’s partnership with Illuminarium is helping create the next generation of immersive experiences.

360 Degrees of Vincent van Gogh

Learn how Panasonic projectors helped Van Gogh’s paintings come alive in a larger-than-life immersive exhibit.

Panasonic and the Cold War Kids

See how our technologies brought an engaging concert experience to the first-ever virtual CES.

Helping businesses and landmarks remain relevant with immersive technology

See how Panasonic technology is changing the way people experience art, while helping businesses create unique storytelling opportunities.

Making Disney magic

Passion is #whatmovesus. So, what moves you?



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