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Rugged mobility devices that help Water & Energy utilities weather the storm

Transform your field operations with Panasonic TOUGHBOOK devices that you can rely on to stay connected and responsive to your customers, even in the toughest conditions.

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Staying Connected with Mobile Devices in the Power Sector

Mobile technology in the water & energy sectors can increase front-line operator and field tech utilization, improve real-time communication with dispatchers, and connect faster with customers. However, the challenge is that utilities typically have assets spread across a wide geographical area, and none of that can happen without strong, reliable connectivity. Loss of connectivity can severely impact field work functions. So, when it comes to connectivity, the device matters.

Power company workers face difficult and harsh conditions and need durable mobile devices that can function inside power plants and outside in all kinds of weather. These mobile computers must be able to stand up to cold, heat, rain, and accidental drops. Consumer-grade devices fail more often, requiring repairs and leaving workers without the tools to stay productive. According to the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), the age of the “digital worker” has arrived – learn about how water & energy utilities are using rugged TOUGHBOOK devices to mobilize their workers in some of the world’s toughest conditions.

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Mobility Solutions for Water & Energy Utilities

Create a safer and more productive environment for your workforce with Panasonic rugged mobile solutions. Whether restoring service, repairing high-voltage substations or managing customer calls, workers stay connected, share real-time data and leverage data analytics.

Our customizable mobile solutions combine purpose-built computers, software, connectivity and a complete suite of services. TOUGHBOOK devices are engineered to perform in a range of environments and situations where conditions tend to be extreme, particularly in the Power sector. Rugged laptops, 2-in-1s, tablets and handhelds are durable, reliable and engineered to withstand the heat, cold and storm conditions that utility workers face on the job every day.

Military-grade Panasonic devices are more than five times more reliable than the average laptop used by businesses across North America. For 100 years, we’ve listened to the challenges of our customers and designed technology built to tackle the demands of your industry.

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