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TOUGHBOOK solutions

Rugged devices designed specifically for industry-specific harsh environments and the challenges that occur within them, day in and day out.
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Outsmart tough problems with TOUGHBOOK devices

Panasonic TOUGHBOOK rugged laptops, tablets and handhelds are reliable, durable and purpose-built to meet industry-specific challenges, every day. We know that with complex working environments, comes complex business problems. These complexities require the kind of technology solutions that are engineered to withstand demanding conditions, boost productivity in your workforce, and outsmart even the toughest work obstacles. Military grade devices for industrial use are five times more reliable than consumer devices – that means you can count on Panasonic TOUGHBOOK devices on any jobsite, without the risk of downtime or failure.

For 100 years, our customers have trusted us to provide innovative, real-world technology solutions to their biggest challenges. Our expertise in rugged mobility will help you tackle today’s complex problems, delivering products and solutions that will support your future goals.

Working with a full solution provider is the blueprint for success. We’ve got you covered from hardware to software, deployment to support and rapid repairs. Make your workday more productive with rugged technology built not only to withstand, but to thrive in your industry.

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Rugged mobile solutions that combine purpose-built computers, software and services to help businesses stay connected and productive with smarter technology.
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Integrated technology has become the norm in manufacturing plants, but technology in the automotive industry needs to be built to withstand a rugged environment.
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A new generation of automation is poised to transform the retail & warehouse environment. Rugged mobility solutions help managers to oversee operations, improve productivity and decision-making.
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Transportation & logistics workers rely greatly on connectivity, data, and technology that moves product and people to their destination faster.
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Equip your field service techs with mobile solutions that combine purpose-built devices, software and services to help them stay connected and share real-time data remotely.

Public Safety

Public safety officers work smarter and safer with rugged mobility solutions. Our solutions help to gain situational awareness, make faster tactical decisions and automate routine processes.
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Officers use rugged mobility to gain situational awareness, make informed decisions quickly, and automate routine processes such as license checks and ticketing.
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Put real-time data directly into the hands of incident commanders who can make faster (and safer) tactical decisions while they save lives.
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When there’s no room (or time) for error, rugged mobile solutions connect EMS workers to critical data and apps that can help them respond more effectively and save lives.


Our rugged mobility solutions allow mobile workers reliable access to data and insights that can help them streamline day-to-day processes and maximize operational efficiency.
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When it comes to connectivity in the utilities sector, you need rugged mobility solutions that can deliver reliability and reach – even in the most remote environments.
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TOUGHBOOK devices are empowering oil & gas organizations to make effective decisions and stay connected in some of the world’s toughest conditions.
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Bring greater intelligence to the field with solutions that provide access to real-time data and apps, streamline processes and increase productivity.

Case Study: Ottawa Police Service

With the help of a third party consultant, OPS initiated a pilot project to determine if the Panasonic CF-33 met the needs of front-line responders. After a successful pilot project, the CF-33 will be installed in 220 police vehicles in the Ottawa region by 2020.



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