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Retail & Warehousing

Rugged mobility devices purpose-built for Retail & Warehousing operations

Panasonic TOUGHBOOK solutions designed to help you thrive in today’s fast-paced, competitive retail environment.

Pay Now, Save Later

When looking to outfit a mobile work force in a fast-paced retail environment, durability matters – and for those workers in unique, challenging and unpredictable environments, rugged mobile technology helps ensure that they can stay connected, stay productive and get the job done efficiently.

Not all devices are created equal. TOUGHBOOK rugged laptops, 2-in-1s, tablets and handhelds are reliable and engineered to stand up to rigorous conditions, from accidental drops in your warehouse to durability in your storefront. That means, you’re making an investment in the kind of technology that will pay off both today, and in the future.

For retail & warehousing businesses, the cost of downtime, technology failure, repairs and replacement affect far more than just dollars and cents. Learn about how an investment in rugged technology is a smart one for the world’s toughest users. 

Mobility Solutions for Retail & Warehousing

Mobile technology is transforming the retail industry from the warehouse to the store front. Our customizable rugged mobile solutions are designed to seamlessly tie together back and front of store operations, reducing complexity and enhancing the customer experience. TOUGHBOOK solutions combine purpose-built computers, software, connectivity and a suite of services. Attractively designed and highly functional, our devices are easy to use, deploy quickly and put data directly into employees’ hands, whether they’re working in the stock room or on the sales floor.

Panasonic TOUGHBOOK rugged solutions are reliable, durable and built to tackle the demands of your industry.

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