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Rugged mobility devices purpose-built for Field Services

Panasonic TOUGHBOOK devices transform your field operations to deliver more responsive, flexible and proactive services.

Examining the Current and Future States of Field Mobility

Field Service Organizations (FSOs) were among the earliest adopters of mobile computers and continue to find new ways to take advantage of this technology as mobility systems evolve and improve. However, as the pace of change accelerates FSOs have had to reevaluate their mobile deployment and upgrade strategies.

Panasonic and Field Technologies Online conducted a survey of Field Service executives to find out what mobile technology they were currently using, how soon they planned to refresh those solutions, and what types of hardware and software they hoped to deploy in the future. The results reflect a highly dynamic field service market and provide insight into technology trends that other FSOs can use to guide their own mobility projects.

Learn about how FSOs are using rugged mobility technology to address increasing pressure to be more responsive and flexible in how they dispatch and manage their technician force.

Mobility Solutions for Field Services

Our customizable mobile solutions combine purpose-built computers, software, connectivity and a complete suite of services. TOUGHBOOK devices are engineered to perform in a range of Field Services environments, and situations where conditions tend to be extreme. Military-grade Panasonic devices are more than five times more reliable than the average laptop used by businesses across North America. That means, you can rely on our technology to deploy quickly and put data directly into field techs’ hands, whether they’re working in the field or making customer calls.

Panasonic TOUGHBOOK rugged solutions are reliable, durable and built to tackle the demands of your industry.

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