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Quick Service Software & Powerful QSR Systems

If you know us mostly for our POS systems, take a closer look. We offer a wide range of cutting-edge technologies that can drive efficiencies, increase customer engagement and improve revenue. Panasonic is one strategic partner, at your service.

Panasonic: The Partner That QSR Franchisors and Operators Need Today

In today’s competitive environment, you need a reliable partner that you can depend on. That company is Panasonic.

No one has the range of QSR solutions, global reach, decades of experience and expertise, or the comprehensive service and support capabilities that we can offer. And we’re delivering more for you every day. 

Learn how your business can take advantage of:

  • Single-source provider for end-to-end QSR solutions
  • Decades of experience in QSR
  • Acquisition of Quick Service Software and Quick Service Technology
  • Global reach and capabilities

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Restaurant Technology Solutions from Panasonic

Powerful End-to-End Solutions for Leading QSR Restaurant Brands

Panasonic’s connected QSR technologies are powering the world’s leading restaurant brands. With our unique combination of hardware, software, consulting and support services, growing chains like yours can drive efficiencies, reduce losses, increase customer engagement and improve revenue. See why Tim Hortons, McDonald’s and other leading brands trust Panasonic to help run their restaurants by downloading our eBook today.

An entire set of technologies and solutions

The ClearConnect™ ecosystem offers scalable solutions that can be customized to fit operational needs, from small to medium-sized operations to multi-location deployment. Additional highlights of the platform include:

  • Turnkey kiosk solutions with facial recognition
  • POS systems, including traditional and mobile options, paired with iQtouch software
  • World-class suite of drive-thru technology, including Attune Restaurant Communication System, indoor and outdoor menu board displays and the innovative iQtimer optimization system
  • Clearview software that helps maximize profits by providing real time analytics to help reduce food and labor costs while reinforcing best practices across an enterprise


ClearConnect Solutions and Services

Kiosk Solutions

Deliver a better customer experience by decreasing order time and increasing customer throughput through our kiosk solutions.

Point-of-Sale Solutions

Always be ready to take and fulfill customer orders, speeding up transaction time and throughput while creating a seamless customer experience with our variety of POS solutions.

Smart Locker Solutions

Tech enabled, people-powered food lockers offer convenience, ensure food quality, and security to maximize restaurant off-premises sales.

Drive Thru Solutions

A turnkey solution that will make sure your drive-thru is running on all cylinders - a complete solution to help reduce errors while improving efficiency.

Back Office Solutions

Maximize efficiency by utilizing real-time data analytics across the entire restaurant for insights that will help increase profitability.

Digital Menu Boards

Ability to easily customize digital menu boards on the fly, to cross-sell and up-sell, promote specials based on items such as time of day, day of the week, and even a holiday. All of this leads to a unique customer experience, which leads to customer loyalty and that translates into an increase in check averages and repeat business.

ClearConnect™ Service + Support

We know technology uptime translates into revenue. We've got you covered with our outstanding level of service and support. From 24/7 to other scalable plans, we understand your operation's specific needs and are ready to support them.



Advanced wireless management & communication systems for retail, hospitality and food service industries.

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Make food prep easier with advanced features that let you serve more efficiently. Find the best commercial food service equipment for your business!

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Find out how Panasonic's complete ClearConnect Eco-System includes the full-array of solutions to make your restaurant successful.

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Fierce competition, rising costs, increasing regulation—the food service industry has plenty on its plate. Your customers, and your employees, expect the world to be as sleek and seamless as their smartphones. That adds a whole new level of technological demands to the long menu of challenges you have to prioritize and manage.

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For Quick Service Restaurants, every second in the drive-thru counts. Our cutting edge timer technology uses an intuitive graphic touch interface so you can see real-time enhanced car statistics with just a tap. Need to take your numbers to go? Time-specific printed reports are in-hand in seconds directly from your connected POS printer.

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After years of development and testing, Panasonic’s iQtouch is a huge leap forward in POS technology. A full turn-key solution, it’s ready out of the box to scale easily to any size of operation.

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Software should speed up your business — not slow it down. In a business where speed and convenience is critical we know that you don’t have any time to lose. Less downtime equals greater efficiency and bigger profits.

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Explore how ClearConnect can optimize your restaurant and improve every step of your customers’ journey.

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