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For many years, our peripherals and hardware have been key components in helping QSR leaders to successfully brand and support their operations. With everything from durable headsets to advanced drive-thru and in-store signage to intelligent, HD security systems, we offer innovative solutions to help you to connect and communicate with customers and secure your business.


Drive-thru panels


To keep traffic moving smoothly, we offer a number of outdoor-specific, vandal-proof displays that can not only handle the extremes of any environment, but also improve the ordering experience for customers.

Security camera


Improve safety and monitor employee-customer interactions with our family of security and surveillance solutions. Managers can view the action from anywhere—not just on site—or easily scan through hours of existing footage to help prevent stock loss, train employees or provide a valuable video record of an important event.

girl with headsets


To better facilitate orders and communicate with drivers, our rugged headsets deliver long-life, high-definition sound coupled with powerful noise cancellation technology to reduce order errors and keeps customers happy.

Woman looking at sign

Digital Signage & Displays

To promote your menu offerings and maximize your marketing messages, we have one of the broadest arrays of signage and display solutions in the industry. From digital menu boards and high-def TVs to the latest LED displays, projectors and promo boards, we have the solutions you need for your various locations.

Performance - It's All in the Numbers

Our iQtimer software counts transactions by the hour and for multiple-store owners, report averages can be accessed remotely so you have direct insights into how your business is performing no matter where you are.

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