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Panasonic Introduces WhisperAir Repair® Spot Air Purifier In Canada: A Revolutionary New Air Purification System

Featuring Panasonic's nanoe™ X technology, the WhisperAir Repair provides advanced air purification and odour elimination, reducing airborne pollutants and allergy triggers

Panasonic, a leading provider of ventilation and healthy indoor living solutions, today announced the new WhisperAir Repair spot air purifier. The latest addition to Panasonic’s indoor air quality solutions lineup, the device is designed to help ensure indoor air is kept clean and fresh.

WhisperAir Repair Spot Air Purifier

Panasonic’s WhisperAir Repair utilizes patented nanoe™ X charged water particle generation technology to purify contaminated air.

"Over the past few years, Canadians have increasingly spent more time at home with 90 per cent of our time indoors," says Kevin Smith, General Manager Life & Device Solutions Division, Panasonic Canada. "Air quality is essential to our wellbeing, with clean air effecting our total health. The unique nanoe X technology of our new WhisperAir Repair Purifier uses existing moisture in the air to neutralize pollutants to help maintain healthy indoor air quality 24 hours a day while you’re at home or away."

A lightweight and efficient compact ceiling-mount, the WhisperAir Repair Purifier is maintenance-free and easy to install with no ductwork or filter changes required. Whether, remodeling entire spaces or building new construction, the new air purification technology keeps indoor air clean and fresh around the clock for a variety of spaces. The device is ideal for light commercial applications such as in educational facilities, hotels, elevators, medical offices, subways, restaurants and other public spaces, as well as residential applications such as bedrooms, walk in closets, powder rooms, mud rooms and pet areas.

The WhisperAir Repair utilizes Panasonic's patented nanoe X technology, previously available only in Panasonic’s heating and cooling systems to help improve occupant health through the use of reactive molecules that purify contaminated air, inhibiting the spread of airborne and adhered pollutants. nanoe X technology also helps to maintain skin moisture and deodorizes contaminated air.

"We want Canadians to feel confident about their homes and have peace of mind when it comes to the air, they breathe," says Kevin Smith, General Manager Life & Device Solutions Division, Panasonic Canada. "With the new WhisperAir Repair and suite of Breathe Well indoor air quality solutions, Panasonic ensures the freshest, cleanest possible air through expertise in ventilation & filtration and air purification & circulation."

The WhisperAir Repair is CSA certified, tested against North American standards and requirements.

For more information visit WhisperAir Repair to learn more about healthy living solutions. For additional Panasonic indoor air quality solutions, visit

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