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Why do we need air purification?

Many of today’s tightly built homes have insufficient ventilation. This means indoor air doesn’t get exchanged with outside air often enough to prevent a build-up of airborne pollutants. Although you may not smell it, indoor air can become badly contaminated with chemicals from cleaning products, mould and mildew, carbon monoxide (CO) from cooking and heating devices, mites, dust, pollen, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from furniture and other man-made products. Air purification, once a luxury, is now a sensible, affordable option for people concerned about their total health.

At Panasonic, we believe you have the choice to Breathe Well. Panasonic’s expertise in ventilation & filtration and air purification & circulation ensures our homes have the freshest, cleanest air possible.

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What is WhisperAir Repair®?

Panasonic WhisperAir Repair® air purifiers provide advanced air purification and odour elimination, keeping indoor air clean and fresh around the clock. WhisperAir Repair features patented nanoe™ X charged water particle generation technology that uses moisture in the air to neutralize pollutants.

Our highly effective air purifiers maintain healthy indoor air quality (IAQ) by suppressing pollen and other allergens, while also breaking down hazardous substances. Each energy-efficient unit quietly deodorizes fabrics and removes unwanted smells from your living space.

Perfect for remodeling, retrofits or new construction, WhisperAir Repair air purifiers can be easily mounted in most ceilings. Plus, the stylish, paintable, low-profile grille of this space-saving device blends in with the décor of any room. WhisperAir Repair offers homeowners a self-contained, maintenance-free air purification solution with no filters to change, ever. No worries, no hassles—just purified, healthy air 24 hours a day.

WhisperAir Repair air purifiers, along with our ventilation fans and ERVs, are part of Breathe Well, The Only Complete Air Quality Solution™ by Panasonic.

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nanoe™ X: A revolutionary air purification system

Panasonic nanoe X is the next generation of our exclusive nanoe air purification technology for healthier indoor air quality. nanoe technology gets its name from the nano-sized water particles that it generates from existing moisture in the home. These tiny water particles are rich in hydroxyl radicals, which have been proven effective at suppressing odours, airborne contaminants and fabric-adhered pollutants. Hydroxyl radicals penetrate deep into fabrics, breaking down odour-causing substances and denaturing pollutants to inhibit their activity.


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Source of healthier skin and hair

As our unique nanoe X technology purifies the air, it also helps to relieve the discomfort of having dry skin and hair. Specifically, nanoe X hydrates the sebum secreted onto the skin’s surface by sebaceous glands. This slows the rate of moisture evaporation and increases the amount of lubrication provided by the sebum, which leads to smoother, more hydrated skin. Likewise, nanoe X helps to restore the moisture balance of hair, making it smoother and sleeker.

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WhisperAir Repair features and benefits

  • Suppression of pollen, allergens and hazardous substances
  • Elimination of odours from carpets, furniture, curtains and other fabrics
  • Air and surface purification using nanoe X technology
  • Maintenance-free design with no filters to change, no duct work required
  • Compact, lightweight ceiling-mount unit
  • Whisper-quiet, energy-efficient operation
  • Quick, easy install during home renovation or new construction
  • Works with existing 120V/60Hz wiring
  • Certified by Intertek for UL/CSA safety standards
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Importance of clean indoor air

Clean, fresh air has a proven, positive effect on our physical health and performance. Since we now spend up to 90% of our time indoors, the air quality in our living space has more impact on our health and well-being than ever before. With poor indoor air quality linked to preventable health conditions like asthma, stroke, cardiovascular disease and COPD, breathing clean air is an easy choice to make.

Did you know? Indoor air can be five times more polluted than outside air. Learn more.