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Charging the next generation of mobility

With increasing concern for the environment, the market for eco-friendly vehicles is expanding. To contribute to a greener world and environmental compliance regulations, we provide a broad range of solutions for hybrid to full-electric vehicles.


Battery leadership


Panasonic Automotive has decades of electrified-vehicle experience, from the development of battery cells to mass production of technologies for global manufacturers. In addition to supplying battery cells for hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and full-electric vehicle lines, we also design, engineer, and manufacture complete battery systems with the objective of optimizing safety and performance.




Panasonic Automotive supplies advanced lithium-ion batteries to a number of global automotive manufacturers and is #1 li-ion battery supplier in the global market for hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and full-electric vehicles. Panasonic’s advanced Lithium-ion battery technology is designed to provide improved energy density, lower costs, and improved driving range, all intended to reduce the vehicle’s environmental impact. 

Nickel-Metal Hydride

Panasonic Automotive began developing Ni-MH battery cells for HEVs in 1997, and started mass production in 2004. Our battery cells are designed to be durable and to maintain a high charging and discharging capacity over an extended period of time. Additionally, we employ unique battery manufacturing technologies, including polar plate sintering technology.


Making vehicle charging easier

The global adoption of electric vehicles underscores the need for quality relays and components to ensure a robust electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) infrastructure. Each charging point requires multiple relays to properly function. Today, three levels of chargers exist for electric vehicles: Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. Each level varies in voltage, charge duration, and complexity of installation.

Due to various charging demands, Panasonic Automotive is invested in the four different types of relays to be used in electrified-vehicle charging, including safety cutoff on the AC side, insulation detection for battery inside the inverter, safety cutoff on the DC side, and signal control for IC card activation.