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Direct Care Connect DCC™ EX


Product details

Poltys, Inc. Direct Care Connect DCC™ EX (DCC EX) is a Nurse Call System designed for the entire range of eldercare and senior living needs, from retirement homes to assisted living and long-term care facilities. DCC EX is designed around the needs of the residents, to help them feel comfortable, secure and connected to both the staff and their loved ones, while improving the caregiver's productivity, efficiency and the facility’s business bottom line.

Key features

  • Immediate two-way communication
  • Resident location tracking
  • Powerful reporting
  • Compatibility with wide range of alarm generation devices and alerted devices

Versatile Integration Capabilities

DCC EX is PBX agnostic and directly integrates with various DECT handsets, wireless sensors, Fire Panels, Wandering Management Systems and Keyless Entry Systems.

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The DCC Nurse Call System is designed to support the entire range of eldercare and senior living situations.
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