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The Panasonic Nurse Call Solution

Speak to an expert and see the difference!


Speak to an expert to evaluate if our system is the best fit for your facility. A Panasonic product specialist is available to speak with you virtually or in-person so you can understand and see the benefits of the Nurse Call System firsthand.


Find out if the Panasonic Nurse Call System is the best fit for your facility

  • Test the Digital Communication Terminal and discover ways to use the 2-way communication technology to markedly improve communication with your patients and residents in your facility.
  • Receive a walkthrough of the Direct Care Connect DCC™ technologies and see how it communicates through desktop and smart devices to monitor results and response times.
  • Gain an understanding of the water-resistant and rugged devices that make Panasonic’s Nurse Call products ideal for healthcare facility conditions.


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