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Beyond Epic. Beyond 4K.

4K resolution capability for mind blowing applications.


4k Technology

With 4K projectors spanning a huge range of prices and sizes, it begs the question: what’s the difference?
From the original Native 4K, to the rise of Fake 4K and beyond, its easy to be confused.


  • Fake 4K

    Some projectors duplicate 1920x1080 pixels and shift them diagonally to visually “stretch” resolution to the size of 4K, but they have limitations.

  • Native 4K

    Native 4K resolution projectors offer theatrical DCI resolution (4,096 x 2,160), but they can be high maintenance.

  • Panasonic 4K+

    Rocketing beyond 4K with 5120x3200 pixels of cinematic resolution, 4K+ offers superior crispness, brightness and colour accuracy thanks to its quad pixel drive and real motion processor.


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Panasonic's unique 4k+ Technology

Panasonic 3chip DLP, 4k+ projectors provide Better-than-4K resolution by employing a high-speed 2560 x 1600-pixel (WQXGA) DMD chip that shifts each pixel vertically and horizontally, quadrupling the pixel-count. Working in concert with Real Motion Processor 240 Hz frame-creation, Quad Pixel Drive technology produces film-like 5120 x 3200-pixel (4K+/16:10) images. As well as silk-smooth video, this powerful processing engine renders text in the finest detail for lectures and presentations.


Pixel Quadrupling Technology & Real Motion Processor

Shifting pixels vertically and horizontally creates ultra-high-resolution pictures that exceed standard Ultra HD resolution.

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Quad Pixel Drive teams with huge laser brightness for an ultra-high-resolution experience make Panasonic 4k projectors the best solution to blow your audience away.

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* Resolution 5120 x 3200 pixels (maximum physical resolution).

4K Applications

Get the maximum features of 4K high definition and image reality. We propose a variety of solutions that connect these to various business applications.