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Residential Heating & Air Conditioning Systems

Heating and cooling systems for comfort that lasts

Panasonic is leading the way in advanced residential HVAC technologies for total comfort in any indoor environment.

Residential heating & air conditioning solutions backed by over 35 years of quality in North America

Panasonic residential HVAC systems offers whole home comfort with a range of solutions for any building type, meeting the heating and cooling requirements for single or multiple room installations across North America. Designed to provide optimal solutions, with a commitment to comfort and innovative technology, learn more about how our residential air conditioners and heating systems can work for you. Learn how the quality of our product guarantees customer satisfaction. Speak to one of our experts today.


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Discover the benefits of choosing Panasonic

  • Flexible solutions

    Our products are designed to provide the best solution for any building type, budget, or installation requirement. Contractors rely on Panasonic to bring innovative solutions to the table, not just reliable products.

  • Whole home comfort

    With optimized comfort and personalized room temperature control, Panasonic ducted and ductless advanced cooling and heating systems are perfect for additions, entire homes and problem rooms that are always too hot or too cold.

  • Powerful & quiet operation

    For comfort that’s effective and long-lasting, rely on Panasonic. Our HVAC solutions guarantee optimal occupant comfort in any space, advanced room/zone temperature control for any season, and whisper quiet operation.

  • Reliable quality & reputation

    Our continuous commitment to product innovations and technology has earned Panasonic the reputation as the trusted brand for superior energy-efficient and reliable heating and air conditioning products.

Advanced Heating and Cooling Systems

Learn about the many ways Panasonic HVAC products are promoting clean, comfortable home environments.

Benefits of Ductless Heating & Air Conditioning

Ductless solutions can be the perfect fit for many homes. Discover the reasons why and when to explore ductless options.

Affordable Housing Alliance slashes energy costs with Panasonic ductless heating and cooling solution

When the Affordable Housing Alliance purchased a manufactured housing park, it was faced with the challenge of improving living conditions for residents without increasing their costs. Read about how Panasonic’s Total Home Solution significantly contributed to reducing utility consumption, cutting energy bills in half while improving indoor air quality.