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Panasonic Professional PTZ Cameras

Full Control of Your Creative Vision.

Taking your live video productions to new heights, our comprehensive remote camera lineup is designed and built to meet the high-demands of your bold creative vision.

Panasonic PRO PTZ Remote Camera Lineup

Meet the PRO PTZ Camera Lineup

Your productions depend on sophisticated image production and high-performance cameras, controllers and switchers. Leave nothing to chance by utilizing the broad line of Panasonic pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras and controllers. Our best-in-class family of award-winning professional PTZ cameras helps you capture your event — whatever the angle, location or lighting condition.

Whether you choose the all-new performance powerhouse AW-UE150, powerful three-sensor AW-HE130/AW-HN130, the compact AW-HE40/AW-HN40, the broadcast-ready AW-HE42, the innovative 4K AW-UE70/AW-UN70, the entry-level AW-HE38/AW-HN38 or the IP65 rated AW-HR140 you'll get flexible installation with PoE+, production quality video streaming, IP-live remote management and control, plus incredible video and remarkably smooth pan / tilt / zoom performance.

World's Best Selling PTZ Camera Lineup

The Panasonic family of PTZ cameras has an extensive feature set suited to meet your various application needs. From conference rooms to theaters, live-event broadcasts to reality TV show production, esports to lecture capture, they have got you covered! For over a decade, we've been pushing the limits of PTZ camera performance, introducing innovations that our professional customers need for their video productions today and into the future.

Panasonic PRO PTZ Camera DNA

Professional PTZ Optics

You can be sure a PRO PTZ camera from Panasonic will have some of the most technologically advanced sensors, lenses and optical standards on the market, all manufactured and assembled in one place. The benefit of having a camera that hasn't sourced sensors or optics from another manufacturer is having the peace of mind that everything will work as designed. With that in mind, our 4K and full-HD PRO PTZ cameras are all specially tuned to push the limits of sensor & optic science, providing long, clear optical zoom, wide viewing angles without edge distortion, advanced optical and electronic image stabilization, and outstanding focus ranges for sharp images or creative shallow depth of field shots.

Smooth Moves & Whisper Quiet Operation

A remote camera by design is meant to be unobtrusive. Taking this to the next level, our PRO PTZ Cameras offer whisper-quiet mechanical operation, a fan-less design1 and some of the smoothest, most natural-looking panning & tilting movements possible. Registering at a sound level of NC351 or lower, you can rest assured that your audience will be captivated by the footage, not jarring on-air shots or whirring cameras in a silent environment.

Single Cable for Power, Control, Video & Peace of Mind

All of our current PRO PTZ cameras feature support for Power over Ethernet (PoE) through either PoE+ or PoE++ standards. With PoE technology, simply running an Ethernet cable from a compatible network switch to your camera will power it, and also allow you to control it and stream video. This eliminates the need for complicated electrical wiring, reduces installation costs, and allows for a simplified deployment. With our NDI|HX cameras, the power of the Ethernet cable grows, allowing for embedded audio and tally light in addition to power, control and streaming video.

Versatile Remote Camera Control Options

Panasonic PRO PTZ cameras offer a multitude of control options, giving you a broad choice of platforms and budget ranges. From free software, to powerful all-in-one live streaming solutions, we've covered all the bases to ensure that all of your professional video production needs are covered and can properly scale as your production grows.

Forward-Thinking Camera Design

Integrating the full components of a professional camera, adding the mechanics of panning/tilting and keeping it in a small form factor is no small task, but our engineering team has been able to do it without compromise. Along with input from the forward-thinking Consultants, Architects and Designers working on the projects of today and tomorrow, our product design team has embraced their inspiration to craft a camera that fits in a wide range of environments. In turn, our PRO PTZ cameras have been carefully sculpted with minimalistic lines, sleek chiseled corners, and reserved styling, allowing them to be unobtrusive where installed, yet pleasing to the eye when seen. With included cable clamps and cable covers, we help keep your installed camera clean and tidy. Pick the color that matches your space, with a choice of Pearl White or Metallic Black and matching wall mount accessories.

Flexible Camera Installation Options

Our lineup of PRO PTZ cameras allow for a variety of placements. Upright or hanging upside-down. Placed on a table, or mounted to a tripod, hung from the ceiling or a truss, mounted to a pole, or installed on a wall, the low-profile design of the cameras keeps installation options versatile and your audience undistracted. We also offer outdoor housings for select camera models to protect them from the elements and provide heating/cooling as needed. The cameras have a 1/4-20 tripod thread mount, come with an easy release ceiling mount bracket, and a drop protection wire harness for added installation safety and security. 

Professional Video Outputs & Connectivity

Whether all you need is a camera to plug into your computer to use as a super web cam or a full-fledged camera that feeds footage to a massive 4K LED screen in a professional sports arena, we have the camera with the right output options for you.

Professional Grade Camera Features

Features typically unheard of in robotic cameras are available with Panasonic PRO PTZ cameras. From genlock and video sync signals, to integrated optical ND filters and LOG shooting modes, you're sure to find a PRO PTZ camera that has these features and meets your live video production demands. 

Fine-Tuned Color Adjustment

Taking expertise from the demanding world of live production camera shading and the perfection-seeking colorists of cinema production, we've made sure that all of our PRO PTZ cameras offer the ability for 12 or 16 Axis Color adjustments, along with the ability to harness this capability with our Remote Operation Panels for live broadcast. This high-level of precise color tuning is typically not found in PTZ cameras, but is a must have for broadcast. We've included it in our full PRO PTZ lineup, allowing you to always output the most striking video possible.

MicroSD Card Recording

Camera video and audio can be recorded in MP4 format on a MicroSD card inserted into the unit. In addition, using an IP network, it is possible to externally control recording start/stop and download the recorded files. Only available with select cameras.

IP Access & Control

Using an IP browser, such as Chrome or Safari, you're able to fully control the PTZ operations from the control room or even from a remote location. IP control with image monitoring via PC, MAC and mobile terminals simplifies the management of cameras around a campus, or across a worldwide enterprise network. IP video monitoring and remote camera control can also be performed from mobile devices such as an iPhone, iPad or an Android device.

The beauty of Panasonic PRO PTZ cameras are the various options available for controlling the cameras. Since the cameras are prevalent across a wide variety of industries, we've been able to develop camera control across a number of platforms. You're not tied down to using a specific controller and we have a selection of controllers to pick from across a wide range of budgets and single / multi-camera workflow needs.

Multi-Camera Production & Deployment

Whether you're setting up one camera for a simple live stream or deploying 30 cameras for a professional sports broadcast, we've made it as easy as possible to get it done quickly and easily. With our range of controllers, quick multi-camera operation of up to 100-200 cameras is possible, and your crew or on-screen talent is always aware of which camera is live with integrated tally and status lights.

Solid Reliability

Once you're up and running, we'll keep it that way. Our PRO PTZ cameras go through the same rigorous quality assurance testing as the professional broadcast, cinema and production equipment we manufacture. The same standards of the professional cameras that power broadcasts, film productions, and other video productions around the world & around the clock.

Night-Mode for IR Shooting

Night Mode makes it possible to shoot in extremely low light, or even in complete darkness, with the use of an ordinary IR illuminator (800nm range). Remote control and auto mode switching are provided, for use in staging, reality show production, and other applications.

Easy Set-Up & Operation

From the outset, we’ve been keen on providing professional camera performance, yet making it accessible to everyone. By simplifying the camera set-up process and making the camera menus as basic as can be, yet advanced as you need them to be, we’ve made them as plug and play as possible. With the user in mind, the cameras fit into any professional camera setting, yet are intuitive enough for a new operator or volunteer to pick-up on quickly.

Global Support

The Panasonic Global Service Network extends across Europe, Asia, North America, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa and Australia, providing you with service, technical and field support, and a wealth of knowledge resources, available wherever your work takes you. Register your product to get informed of the latest firmware/software updates, accessories and product developments, and be sure to become a member of our official PRO PTZ User Group to network with colleagues from around the world.

Firmware Upgrades

We are constantly developing new features and functionality for our PRO PTZ cameras. It's easy to download and install, keeping your cameras current and up to date.

Industry-Wide Integration

As one of the market leaders in video technology, we strive to ensure that our PRO PTZ camera lineup is compatible with key software, hardware and application providers across a multitude of industries. Collaborating with 3rd party solution providers is a key aspect to our product development process, allowing for early adoption of new tech such as Augmented Reality live streaming, advanced robotics and the latest video standards.

Direct Integration with Robotic Dolly Systems

Panasonic and Tecnopoint have partnered up to develop 'TUNING,' an advanced robotic system that provides broadcast-quality movement of PRO PTZ cameras with the addition of varying combinations of motorized dollies, telescopic columns and ceiling/floor tracks. The TUNING system allows you to build a cost-effective studio with broadcast-style on-air movements, fusing the fluid pan, tilt and zoom of the gear-driven Panasonic PRO PTZ cameras with the smooth, cinematic vertical/horizontal motion of the belt-driven TUNING system.

Explore the PRO PTZ Camera Lineup

PRO PTZ Cameras: Standard Models

This award-winning, industry-leading, range of Standard PRO PTZ cameras is ready for action. A selection of cameras feature a wide variety of options to pick from, including 4K or Full-HD sensors, video outputs such as IP, USB, HDMI or 3G-SDI, and advanced feature sets that make them ideal for live streaming events, broadcasting live sports, producing reality TV shows, live event IMAG, lecture capture, and so much more. The Standard PRO PTZ camera lineup is your choice for consistent, industry-proven performance.

PRO PTZ Cameras: Performance Models

Leaders of the pack, Performance PRO PTZ cameras are tuned for next-level video production. Featuring unrivaled feature sets such as a class-leading massive wide-angle of view, optical fiber output, 4K/60p video output, and high-speed Pan/Tilt modes, these cameras allow you to capture every moment with unwavering capability. Our engineering team has loaded the camera with capability and production proven technology, pushing the boundaries of technology and breaking them. When you are looking only for the best, Performance PRO PTZ cameras are the unparalleled cameras you seek.

PRO PTZ Cameras: N-Series Models

Harness the power of NDI® with Panasonic's lineup of professional PTZ cameras. Our N Series model cameras now have built-in support for NDI® via a highly efficient NDI®|HX mode, requiring no external conversion of any kind.

  • Single Cable: All the functionality of conventional connections is now practical through the use of PoE+. Not only is set-up simplified, but via a single cable, you'll get power, control, ultra-low latency video, and tally. And, thanks to NDI®, automatic camera discovery makes it all come together.
  • Redundancy: Production workflows are mission critical. Introduce redundancy to your workflow by utilizing NDI®|HX and baseband video (HDMI and/or HD-SDI) simultaneously. 
  • Multicast: Panasonic cameras with NDI®|HX support multicast, meaning you don’t utilize extra bandwidth when multiple clients access the stream. 
  • Audio Input: Select cameras feature a TRS-mini stereo audio input for embedding audio into the NDI® feed.

PRO PTZ Cameras: Outdoor Models

Built to stand-up to the elements, our IP6 rated Outdoor PRO PTZ camera can be installed in areas where you wouldn't want to be. They'll provide you with high-performance imagers, enveloped in a durable metal housing, weatherproof and rugged, ready to stand-up to the world. Leave it exposed to the elements without any worries, capturing the scene in any environment you challenge it with. Outdoor PRO PTZ cameras are your choice when you need high-quality remote camera performance almost anywhere.


NDI®: Network Device Interface, a technology of NewTek, Inc.
All specifications, availability, and pricing are subject to change without notice. 1 Does not apply to all models.