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Panasonic Unveils INTERIOS™ Central Heat Pump: A Decarbonization Solution for a Greener Future

A cost-effective, climate-friendly, and energy-efficient solution perfect for Canadians

Panasonic, a leader in innovative solutions, announces an advancement in residential heat pump technology that promises to change how Canadians affordably heat and cool their homes. INTERIOS™, the latest addition to Panasonic's Breathe Well lineup that improves indoor air quality, is a flexible central heat pump system for residential space heating and cooling. It reduces carbon emissions and energy consumption by offering homeowners superior technology. No matter where you live in Canada, INTERIOS is eligible for the Greener Homes Grant Program, and potentially other provincial and municipal incentives. In a world where environmental concerns are paramount and comfort needs are growing, INTERIOS meets the explosive demand for smart, healthy, low carbon and energy efficient homes.

INTERIOS is available in two options:

  1. INTERIOS Low-Carbon, Hybrid Heating System includes an outdoor heat pump unit, indoor Cased A-Coil; when combined with almost any furnace/air handler, it delivers highly efficient heating and cooling.
  2. INTERIOS All-Electric Central Heat Pump System is an all-electric system, comprised of an outdoor heat pump unit and an all-electric air handler, and provides year-round electric heating and cooling. The system can be fitted with an available back up heater that can provide extra heat on the coldest winter days.

Despite its immense benefits, Canadians have been slow to adopt heat pump technology, with reports indicating they make up less than 10% of the residential market.1 One reason for this is the prevalence of legacy natural gas combustion systems; according to Statistics Canada, nearly half of all households in Canada use natural gas as their main heating source, followed by electricity at 37%.2 INTERIOS is the next step in heating and cooling, empowering Canadians to embrace climate-friendly heat pump technology, accelerating carbon reduction efforts.

INTERIOS also offers a highly cost-effective solution. Compared to traditional gas or propane systems, heat pumps offer up to 300% greater efficiency and potentially 30% energy savings.3 The lifetime cost of a standard heat pump with electric backup is 13% lower than a gas system with air conditioning.4 Affirming its top-tier energy efficiency and performance standards, INTERIOS is ENERGY STAR® certified and NEEP (Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships) listed.

“INTERIOS is a game-changer in the heating pump revolution, with technology that allows homebuilders and renovators alike to deliver high performance projects easily and affordably. By prioritizing energy efficiency and cost savings, we are not just keeping homes and businesses comfortable; we are contributing to a more sustainable future,” says Sonny Pirrotta, National HVAC Manager at Panasonic Canada. “Panasonic is committed to a greener tomorrow and our solutions can help customers to reduce their impact, too.”

Panasonic’s Breathe Well suite includes: Intelli-Balance® ERVs (Energy Recovery Ventilators), Swidget smart controls connected to ventilation (such as Panasonic’s ventilation fans, now a market leader), and its ductless mini-splits such as ClimaPure™ with nanoe™ X air purification technology, and WhisperAir Repair®, a ceiling mount spot purification solution.

Learn more about Panasonic’s modern approach to HVAC here and Panasonic GREEN IMPACT™ here, including the brand’s initiative to achieve net-zero emissions in their in-house operations by 2030.


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About ENERGY STAR® Canada
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