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Concert light show

Technologies that move us

Projectors for large venues are designed to bring content to life with show-stopping image quality.

Designed to Explore the Possibilities of Live Content

Live events are always pushing the boundaries of what is possible to connect its audience with show-stopping digital content at a high-level of clarity. Today’s audiences have new expectations, and live event venues are challenged with finding new ways to meet them. Panasonic’s projectors for large venues are designed to vividly present content with perfect brightness and image quality in any space, size or surface – from concert stages, stadiums and theatres, to auditoriums and trade-shows. It’s easy and affordable to bring a total AV solution to your venue; Panasonic will help you reach new levels with complete AV solution including cameras, display and projectors, and seamless installation services.

This projection technology is built for venues. Panasonic’s energy efficient, 3 chip DLP laser technology is designed for maximum reliability and flexibility to support the requirements of live events.


How will you use projection to bring content to life in your large venue?


  • SOLID SHINE Laser technology provides reliability and long-lasting, uniform brightness for greater content visibility in any space
  • 4K resolution capability for mind blowing , large scale image projection in a light weight and small size cabinet projector.
  • DIGITAL LINK is an all-in-one data transmission solution that simplifies projector installation and reduces total costs.
  • Free 360-degree installation through any axis, powered lens shift and a wide range of optional lenses for flexible installation.
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications, internationally recognized for quality / environmental management control.


In order to support our customers, Panasonic Canada offers support and services beyond the regular warranty including:

  • A totally reliable solution with sales, service and warehouse in Canada.
  • 72h repair turnaround with spare service support.
  • Bilingual local support service staff based in Mississauga, Ontario
When we chose Panasonic, we knew we were getting the best laser technology in the world, but it was still a surprise to see such power, vibrancy and quality coming out of those 30K projectors.
Marc Randoll Executive Director, Montreal en Histoires