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Panasonic provides software, hardware, and integration services to the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) sector, serving customers across Canada, the U.S. and key international markets. We work with customers to create custom integrated solutions for security, POS, drive-thru wireless and digital signage.

Panasonic's client base includes thousands of restaurants and these customers have come to rely on Panasonic for 24/7 support and onsite integration to ensure their mission critical QSR systems are always running effectively.


Support Services

Multi-vendor support - Panasonic supports and provides repairs and maintenance for many brands, including NCR, Epson and PAR Tech. And if any downtime is expected, we’ll even hot-swap the necessary hardware to keep you up and running while repairs are being made.

Multilingual, 24/7/365 Help Desk - 24/7/365 help desk support is available in English, French and Spanish so you can get the troubleshooting and maintenance tips you need to make minor repairs.

Diagnostic health services - To ensure system health, we use remote network diagnostics to proactively identify any potential POS system failures and avert them before any outage occurs.

Training portals - We create customized training portals that enable employees to view tutorials/videos to improve their knowledge of iQtouch and how to best utilize it while servicing customers.

Complete warranty services - Panasonic offers comprehensive warranty services, including on-site or depot repairs, to minimize outages and get your hardware and software back up and running fast.

Advanced exchange program - Breakdowns can occur at any time, but we can often ship replacement equipment the next day, so you can minimize downtime and ship the disabled unit to us for repairs.

Managed Services

Technical site surveys - To ensure new build-outs or technology implementations are completed successfully, we offer onsite technical reviews to determine any potential roadblocks and confirm equipment orders before any installation occurs.

Installation services - Designed for new locations and/or major technology overhauls, Panasonic ensures complete delivery, installation, testing and certification of new POS systems.

Technical training (for IT staff) - For customers that prefer to maintain their own internal IT teams, we provide thorough staff training to build equipment knowledge and manage minor troubleshooting issues.

Accessory acquisition - Offering a wide selection of certified hardware accessories, including those from third-party manufacturers, we can ensure your staff has the right equipment to perform at the highest levels.

Solutions architecture consulting - To support your growth plans, locally or globally, we provide full-service technology consulting, design and deployment services to ensure buildouts meet your specific needs at each location.

Holistic project management Reps - Openings can be a lengthy, complicated process, so we provide comprehensive project management services to ensure your buildouts are completed on time and on budget.

Custom software development - For customers with specific programming needs, we partner with certified, independent software developers to create custom applications to fit your exact business requirements.