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Cutting-edge technology just got more affordable

TOUGHBOOK-As-A-Service provides finance options for the latest rugged TOUGHBOOK products and services to suit any budget.

It eliminates the need for large upfront costs and includes end-of-life services such as collection, recycling and data-wiping.


  • A Finance Solution Like no Other

    With 0% interest options (dependent on length of term), you pay the same as a cash purchase, but with the exceptional benefit of spreading your payments over the long term.

  • Affordable

    Thanks to TOUGHBOOK-As-A-Service, your workforce will be equipped with the latest (and best) rugged devices, software and services. All for low monthly costs.

  • Fuss-Free Flexibility

    Every TOUGHBOOK-As-A-Service contract can be tailored to your requirements in a number of ways: Contract terms, payment intervals and more.


  • Uninterrupted Efficiency

    No more outdated tech means no more unexpected maintenance and downtime costs. Not to mention increased day-to-day operational savings.

  • Get the Full Works

    TOUGHBOOK-As-A-Service doesn’t just apply to our rugged devices. Other items and services (soft costs) can easily be added into your monthly interest payments too.

  • Hassle-Free End-of-Life Service

    Thanks to our partner Econocom, your TOUGHBOOK-As-A-Service package also includes: device delivery, recycling, secure data wiping and more.

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