Warranty Services

Computer repair

The Best Warranties Available

Even a few hours of downtime can be catastrophic. Protect your Toughbook® devices with Panasonic Warranty Services, and you’ll benefit from faster repairs, predictable budget management and a more productive internal IT department, thanks to the lack of repair fire drills and interruptions. We maintain a full stock of repair parts to ensure a quick turnaround, no matter where your repair or replacement service need is. Customers repeatedly tell us that Panasonic Warranty Services are worth every penny.


Extended warranty

All Panasonic Toughbook devices come with a 3 year standard warranty. Panasonic’s Extended Warranty provides an additional two years of warranty, helping you to minimize repair costs and maximize the life cycle of your Toughbook.

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Hard drive warranty

Panasonic’s Hard Drive Warranty allows you to keep your original hard drive in the event of a replacement being required, or in the event that your device needs to be sent for repair, ensuring maximum protection and security of your sensitive data on your Toughbook devices.

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Accidental damage warranty

Toughbook devices are durable and built to last. But sometimes accidents happen. Panasonic’s Accidental Damage Warranty provides protection against any eventuality out in the field for up to 5 years, providing you and your workforce with complete peace of mind.

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Extended battery warranty

Ensure your Toughbook devices continue to perform at their best. Panasonic’s Extended Battery Damage Warranty provides protection against battery failure for up to 5 years, maintaining performance beyond the standard 6 month coverage.

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