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Toughbook assembly line

Special Ops for TOUGHBOOK Installations

Ensure that your TOUGHBOOK computers and tablets arrive ready to work. We design a deployment support package that is tailor-made for your environment. It begins with rigorous stress-testing systems for 48 hours straight, loading your software image onto systems and integrating third-party accessories, tagging assets, and producing deployment reports with data that you can feed into your asset management system. With our deployment services, you get far more than a fleet of computers. You get customized systems that are fully integrated into your organization – the moment they land in your team’s hands.

Our deployment services include:

TOUGHBOOK Deployment Bundles

Enhance the efficiency of your mobile workforce with  TOUGHBOOK Deployment Bundles, which combine our industry-leading TOUGHBOOK Hardware with a wide range of Deployment Services, 
With a TOUGHBOOK Deployment Bundle, customers can select any combination of the deployment services below for their TOUGHBOOK project.


Deployment Options    

  • Deployment Reporting
  • Load Customer/ Custom Image
  • Custom BIOS/CMOS Settings
  • Install/Charge Battery
  • Install Pen/Tether
  • Install Handstrap
  • Install Customer Supplied Asset Tagging
  • Apply Customer Supplied Label to Unit
  • Apply Custom Logo Badge
  • Custom Labels Added to Outside Box
  • Insert Customer Documents
  • Insert Sim Cards
  • Record Mac Addresses

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