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4K 12G-SDI / HDMI Professional Live Video Production Switcher


Product details

The AV-UHS500 4K live video switcher demonstrates outstanding live video production performance in the field for use in a variety of applications, such as event staging, corporate gigs, broadcast at stations and live trucks, lectures on college campuses, and conference halls.

Key features

  • 4K live production video switcher
  • 12G-SDI compatible
  • 4K/3G/HD multi-format support with up/down, HDR/SDR and ITU-R BT.2020/BT.709 conversion functions
  • Equipped with 5 keyers, including 2 channels of chroma-key and 2 channels of PinP
  • 5 optional boards available for customization and system flexibility


A Video Switcher for the Modern Technical Director

The AV-UHS500 professional video switcher represents the next step in switching technology from Panasonic, which has rapidly gained a reputation for live compact switchers in broadcast studios, live entertainment and sport events.

The UHS500 offers a high level of functionality in its range. In addition to providing 4K/3G/HD multi format support, the device allows the same number of HD inputs and outputs to be maintained even when operating in 4K.

Five optional boards have also been developed to meet customer needs. For improved flexibility and usability, additional option boards can be freely installed to increase the number of inputs\, ensuring smooth operation at big events with a large number of cameras. The unit is equipped with 5 keyers, including 2ch of chroma-key and 2ch of PinP, to enable a variety of production effects. The switcher is also equipped with an up/down conversion function, HDR/SDR conversion function and ITU-R BT.2020/BT.709 conversion function. These enable the flexibility to select video output as needed in environments where there are a variety of formats being used.

12G-SDI/3G-SDI/HDMI Support

12G-SDI that can transmit 4K video with as single coaxial cable is supported as standard, and it provides easy setup and operation with high quality 4K video production. In addition, HDMI support allows direct input of data from a PC for live production such as during seminars and lectures without the need for a separate HDMI converter.

Frame Synchronizer for All Inputs

All input channels feature a built-in frame synchronizer. The Genlock function also supports synchronizing systems based on external sync signals (Black burst or Tri-level).

Various Built-in Conversion Functions, Including Up/Down Conversion

Various conversion functions are provided as standard. No external conversion box is required.

  • Up/down conversion function
  • HDR/SDR conversion function
  • ITU-R BT.2020/BT.709 conversion function
  • Scaler function
  • Color correction function

Versatile Transitions and Effects

In addition to standard wipe, mix, and cut transitions, a variety of DVE transitions patterns using two channels, such as reduce, slide, squeeze and 3D wipe are available in HD mode. DVE transitions can also be used in 4K by adding a 4K DVE Unit AV-UHS5M5G.

Five Keyers

A luminance key, linear key, chroma key, full key and PinP are provided for three channels, plus two channels of downstream key (DSK). Chroma keying employs the Primatte® algorithm, which is widely used as a plug-in for nonlinear editors. The same excellent Primatte® quality that is used worldwide for movies, TV programs, music videos and commercials is achieved by the live switcher's real time processing.

Video Memory

Two inputs in HD and one input in 4K for still (STILL) or video (CLIP) images can be saved and selected as bus footage. Moving images can be recorded and played back with key signals (with the 1080/59.94i format, approximately 120 seconds /3600 frames).

Four AUX Buses, DSK 1 and 2 Can Also Be Assigned

Two PinP buses and four AUX buses are provided. Borders and software effects can be applied to the Pin P buses. In addition to cut transitions, the bus transition function (P in P and AUX buses transition effect) also enables mix transitions (AUX bus 1 and 2 only). Flexible support is achieved by combining AUX buses and M/E sections. DSK 1 and 2 can also be assigned to AUX 1 and 2.

Various Memory Functions for Smooth Live Production

Shot Memory
Up to 100 background transition patterns, PinP sizes, border widths and other video effects can be registered and recalled. Effect dissolve can be set to ensure smooth switching from the current image to the image or operation registered in the shot memory.

Event Memory
Up to 64 image effects in sequence can be registered and played back on a timeline using the event memory function. This allows highly expressive consecutive effects to be easily and smoothly executed. Up to 100 event memories can be registered.

Macro Memory
This function allows recording and playback of a series of operations on the Control Panel. It can also record and playback setting information, such as input/output and keyers, allowing video effects involving complicated operations to be executed easily. Macro memory playback is executed by assigning to the crosspoint buttons.

PRO PTZ Camera Control Function

The PTZ camera control function enables 4K/HD Integrated Cameras to be controlled from the AV-UHS500.

Number of cameras controlled:
8 cameras, standard / 16 cameras, maximum (with input from optional unit)

Camera controls:
Pan, tilt, zoom, focus, iris, preset store, recall, scope, preset speed, AWB mode, AWB execution, paint, OSD menu

Two MultiViewer Functions

Two independent MultiViewer output functions are provided as standard, enabling the display of up to 16 split screens (a total of 10 patterns) on a single screen.

  • MultiViewer layout can be selected from a total of 10 patterns, including four split, five split (two patterns), six split (two patterns), nine split, 10 split (two patterns), 12 split*, and 16 split.
  • Source names, tallies, audio level meters, clock and safety markers can be displayed.
  • Select between fit mode, in which the video image is the same size as the split frame, and squeeze mode, which places the source name and level meter outside the image.

*Does not operate at 720p

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