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Product details

4K Multi Purpose Camera which provides both high-image quality and precise operation for sports, remote studios, live concerts and aerial shooting applications. It is compatible with pan/tilt systems and thanks to its compact body, light weight and LAN control, it can be mounted on a pantilt configuration - from both Panasonic and 3rd party systems. Thanks to its 4-position ND filter wheel, the camera can be used in very bright conditions.

Key features

  • High sensitivity (F10/2000lx) and low noise (S/N 60dB)
  • Built-in optical conversion lens allows standard 2/3-type B4 mount lenses to be used & a 4K large-format sensor is used to achieve excellent image quality, by making maximum use of incident light
  • Simultaneous UHD (4x3G-SDI) and HD (1x 3G-SDI and 1x HD-SDI) outputs
  • HD cropping function allows the user to get a cropped HD image from a 4K picture with four times more zoom
  • Supporting IP streaming and IP control: Streaming video output is available in up to four simultaneous H.264 streams, at a wide range of data rates

High-Power 4K HDR POV Camera

The AK-UB300 provides the precise camerawork and high image quality you need for sports and other events. It can achieve 4K image quality even when shooting low-budget content in a small-scale studio, and it is also an excellent choice for aerial shooting. To maximize ease-of-use and handle a wide range of needs, the AK-UB300 has a low-light noise reduction function utilizing high sensitivity mode, a newly developed haze reduction function, and 4K output board (3G×4) switching. Along with the 4K output, it has a 4K focus assist function, and there is also an HD cropping marker. In addition, HD-IP streaming and IP control enable system integration with the AW series. The result is camera operation with both flexibility and scalability.