VariCam PURE

Product details

Powered by Codex, VariCam Pure contains the existing VariCam 35 camera head but with the new Codex VRAW 2.0 recorder, creating a RAW only solution in a lighter and more compact body (approximately 11-lbs.). With Codex Virtual File system, users can transcode additional file formats, including Panasonic V-RAW, Apple ProRes and Avid DNxHR.

Key features

  • Super 35 MOS sensor for high-quality 120fps 4K capture
  • Uses Codex's flexible and reliable uncompressed RAW workflow
  • New compact and lightweight body for better on set versatility, yet still the power of native 4K RAW
  • Records VRAW 4K 12-bit, 4K 10-bit, UHD 12-bit, UHD 10-bit
  • Ideal for high-end episodic television shows and feature productions requiring 4K RAW acquisition

VariCam Pure - 4K RAW only solution for high-end productions

VariCam Pure is a camera system designed by Panasonic and Codex to capture the highest quality images for high-end features, television series, commercials, and more. It captures 4K RAW at up to 120 fps with a simple workflow via Codex’s Production Suite to deliver ProRes files and all other deliverables required.