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Selecting a Controller for Your PRO PTZ Camera

Controllers for Professional Camera Operation

Guide to selecting the right PRO PTZ camera controller for your remote camera operation needs

PRO PTZ Camera Controllers

Panasonic PRO PTZ cameras come standard with the ability to control camera settings and movements directly through a web browser or via free PC software. However, in most cases, professional multi-camera production for streaming, broadcast or IMAG video will require a dedicated hardware controller.

A dedicated hardware-based PTZ camera controller provides robotic camera operators with more functionality, right at their fingertips. The physical interface allows for immediate camera adjustments, streamlined preset and tracing memory saves / recalls, and smoother camera movements via a responsive joystick. Hardware controllers are a reliable way to control remote cameras and are the preferred control method of most professional camera operators.

Panasonic offers three camera controllers, including the entry-level AW-RP50, all-new AW-RP60 and the more advanced AW-RP150. These controllers are compatible with the current PRO PTZ camera lineup, but have different feature sets tiered to varying video production sizes, camera operator preferences, and technical requirements. This guide is designed to lay out the differences between these controllers and to aid you in selecting the right one for your robotic camera video production needs.


PRO PTZ Camera Controller Features

While there are differences between the AW-RP50, AW-RP60 and the AW-RP150 PRO PTZ camera controllers, there are fundamental features which are integrated across the full controller lineup.

All 3 controllers give you the ability to remotely control one or more robotic cameras with smooth and precise movements by using a joystick or a preset button. The controllers also provide full access to PTZ camera settings and give users the ability to make quick adjustments by using dedicated focus / iris control knobs and a zoom rocker switch. However, most importantly, the camera controllers are designed with the camera operator in mind, enabling quick key camera operations and adjustments in an ergonomically minded form-factor, making single / multi-cam robotic camera video production simple and stress-free.

Key Features

Comparing PRO PTZ Camera Controllers

Use the comparison table below to select the right camera controller for your Panasonic PRO PTZ cameras.

  AW-RP50 AW-RP60 AW-RP150
Screen Type LCD Screen 3.5" Color Screen 7" Color Screen
Screen Position Flat Tilted Tilted
Menu Interface

Text Based UI

Knobs / Buttons

Intuitive GUI

Knobs / Buttons

Touchscreen GUI

Knobs / Buttons

Touch Focus / Focus Assist - - X
Video Monitoring - - X
4K Image Crop Control - - X*


2-Axis Joystick


2-Axis Joystick


3-Axis Joystick

Single-Handed Camera Control - - X
Color Adjustment Dials - - X
# of Cameras Controlled Up to 100 Up to 200 Up to 200*
Camera Preset Memory 100 Presets 100 Presets 100 Presets
Camera Tracing Memory - - X
User Buttons 2 8 10
Unit Size Compact Compact  Full-Size


(W x D x H)

8-1/4" x 6-15/16"
x 2-5/8"
8-9/32" x 6-15/16"
x 2-5/32"
13-15/32" x 9-21/32"
x 2-1/8"
Tally / GPIO Input X X X
Tally Indicator Lights Red Green / Red Green / Red
SD Card Slot - - X
Install Options Desktop / Rack Mount Desktop / Rack Mount Desktop / Rack Mount
Power Options AC Adapter (included) PoE or XLR1 PoE+ or XLR1


AW-RP50 | Basic PRO PTZ Camera Controller

The AW-RP50 is an economical controller option for smaller scale multi-camera productions. It is an excellent option for camera operators that are looking for a level of camera control that is a step-up from the web interface. The RP50 is a budget-friendly choice for getting started with hardware-based PRO PTZ camera controllers and provides all the features needed for smooth robotic camera control.

AW-RP60 | Standard PRO PTZ Camera Controller

The AW-RP60 is a compact, mid-range controller, perfect for mid-sized video productions and provides easy scalability. It provides camera operators with the key camera information on a bright, easy to read screen, and offers more refined menu and camera setting access and adjustments than the AW-RP50. The RP60 controller is an excellent choice for most applications, and is a good option to consider if there are space limitations, such as in a video production truck.

AW-RP150 | Advanced PRO PTZ Camera Controller

The AW-RP150 is a full-featured camera controller, allowing camera operators to get the most out of their Panasonic robotic cameras. This controller is the perfect choice for large multi-camera video productions, such as live TV broadcasts and livestreams. A range of advanced features make the RP150 the flagship camera controller in the lineup, and an ideal companion to the AW-UE150 PRO PTZ performance camera model.

Advanced Features of the AW-RP150 Camera Controller

Camera Monitoring via SDI

An SDI source can be viewed on the integrated screen. Easily switch between camera video output and settings / menu operation for quick on-the-fly adjustments.

Single Handed Operation

Control PRO PTZ cameras using one hand. The joystick has a built-in zoom rocker (for controlling PTZ zoom or focus), which allows for ultra-precise camera movements.

Camera Tracing Memory

More than just a preset, the tracing memory function allows for a full sequence of camera moves and settings to be stored (pan, tilt, zoom focus, iris, gain, white balance) and recalled as needed. Up to 5 minutes for 10 operations can be memorized for a single camera, making it ideal for theaters, rental & staging setups, broadcast studios and more.

PoE+ Support

The camera controller can be powered with a single ethernet cable. This simplifies permanent installs and reduces set-up time for mobile video productions.

Touch Focus / Focus Assist

An advanced touchscreen interface allows for touch focus adjustments and provides precision focus assist with peaking.

4K Crop Frame Control

The 3 frames of the 4K video cropping function can be set and controlled using the joystick and viewed on the integrated monitor.

SD Card Slot

Save camera settings, camera scene files, and system settings on an SD card. These settings can then be copied to multiple cameras, reducing on-location setup time when using a large number of cameras.

Looking for More Information?

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All specifications, availability and pricing are subject to change without notice.

*With AW-UE150 camera. †Only compatible with the AW-RP60. Compatibility for the AW-RP60 will be available in the future via a firmware upgrade. 1Power supply not included with this model.