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Projection & Pro Displays Solutions for Places of Worship

Technologies that move us

Projectors for places of worship are designed to deliver a clear, bright message of faith to a congregation with contemporary expectations.

Designed to Illuminate the Message

In places of worship and church settings, screen projection at a crisp, high-level of clarity relies on the right technology. Choosing the right projectors for your house of worship needs to check the boxes of ease, cost-effectiveness and of course, quality. Panasonic’s audio-visual systems for places of worship are designed to vividly recreate the quality of images that a congregation of native screen-watchers have come to expect. It’s easy and affordable to bring a total AV solution to your place of worship; Panasonic can provide you with a full audio-visual solution including cameras, professional display and projectors, and seamless installation services to help you go digital.

Now you can bring the message of sermons and power of worship to life. With stunning picture quality and rich colour uniformity specifically designed for place of worship venues, Panasonic’s projection technology will amplify your message and strengthen congregation engagement.


How will you use projection to captivate and engage with your audience?


  • SOLID SHINE Laser technology provides reliability and long-lasting, uniform brightness for greater content visibility in any space
  • 4K resolution capability for mind blowing , large scale image projection in a light weight and small size cabinet projector.
  • DIGITAL LINK is an all-in-one data transmission solution that simplifies projector installation and reduces total costs.
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications, internationally recognized for quality / environmental management control.
  • Wide-Range lens selection for flexible installation.
  • Flexible system and easy to use software that is easy to operate for nontechnical staff.


In order to support our customers, Panasonic Canada offers support and services beyond the regular warranty including:

  • A totally reliable solution with sales, service and warehouse in Canada.
  • 72h repair turnaround with spare service support.
  • Bilingual local support service staff based in Mississauga, Ontario
Places of worship are now made up of more native screen-watcher, than non. If you don’t provide them with a visual experience similar to what they have at home, or even in the palm of their hands, you’re limiting the effectiveness of your message on an audience.
Faisal Malick, Malick Media