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Oil & Gas Exploration Technology Solutions from Panasonic

Enabling mission-critical operations 24/7 onshore and off

With the enormous investment in the discovery and production of oil and gas, unplanned downtime is simply unacceptable. This means rigs must operate around the clock. That’s where we come in.

Continuous operation for the most demanding environments

The oil and gas industry is its own unique world. Offshore rigs are nothing short of self-contained cities operating 24/7 throughout the waters of the world. Onshore rigs operate on the same demanding schedule with pipeline workers often finding themselves in untamed terrain.

To keep everything in service and on schedule, oil and gas companies count on the dependability of Panasonic’s rugged mobile devices and satellite communications network. After all, they stand to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars each day a platform is down.

100% coverage Our global communications network covers all major oil and gas hotspots worldwide

More than durable, our devices are certified safe

Built to withstand just about anything – including a rig's harsh environment of salt, chemicals, machinery and moisture – Toughbook® mobile computers keep your operations up and running and increase the productivity of your crews.

Because they’re certified UL 1604, Class I, Division 2, they won't emit dangerous sparks in such a hazardous work environment, so your crews can focus on the job at hand, without worry. Plus, their daylight-viewable touch screens allow floor workers, drill foremen and others to complete tasks with ease – from the "doghouse" to the drill floor – with gloved or dirty hands.

Toughbook® devices are equipped with advanced features to give crews real-time connectivity, including GPS, wireless and RFID capabilities to direct workflow and manage resources more efficiently.

The first challenge in energy production – finding it

That job falls squarely on the shoulders of geologists and geophysicists. They know that computer equipment failure and unplanned downtime can negatively impact seismic data interpretation, which could mean the difference between striking it big or coming up empty. That’s why Toughbook is their clear choice.

These scientists rely on Toughbook and Toughpad® to quickly and accurately input, probe and analyze data in order to generate real time 3D models and predictions about the earth's subsurface. And GPS capability lets them more accurately locate underground reservoirs of oil and gas.

Managed services for critical field communications

Because our customers run operations in such demanding locations, they need a satellite communications partner that can keep pace. ITC Global, a Panasonic company, provides end-to-end solutions customized for the unique requirements of drill ships, semi-submersibles, jack-up rigs, production platforms and FPSO vessels.

As a result, oil and gas companies can easily manage essential business communications, monitor and maintain their highly complex operations, and connect remote crews to the important people in their lives.

[Panasonic’s] ITC Global worked closely with us, providing a fit-for purpose solution driven by cost-efficient ways of operating.
IT Director International Shallow Water Drilling Company

Your mission-critical partner

For decades, we’ve been creating hard-working solutions to ensure the oil and gas industry stays up and running, and we continue to break new ground. Count on us to help improve your job-site efficiency.

Space-age tech and Panasonic tablets

Space-age tech and Panasonic tablets

California-based SeekOps used NASA-developed sensors, a fleet of drones and the Toughpad® to create an unparalleled system to detect methane gas leaks. Rugged and easy to read in bright sun, the Toughpad was the perfect device to help change the way safety inspections are done at oil and gas facilities.