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Mining Technology Solutions from Panasonic

Connectivity for the toughest, deepest places on earth

Remote locations. Unforgiving conditions. Long stays. Mining is no one’s idea of easy. To make your operation run as smoothly as possible, rely on us for your communications and computing challenges.

Today’s mining projects demand constant communication

In the far reaches of the world, a reliable, always-on satellite communications network is critical for both productivity and the health and well-being of your crew. Equally important are rugged mobile computing solutions that won’t give out on your workers in the field, no matter how inhospitable the environment. Panasonic has you covered on all counts.

Comprehensive support for remote locations

Whether supporting telemetry networks or command-and-control systems – or simply offering entertainment and Internet access to remote workers – modern mines have a sophisticated range of on-site broadband communications needs. ITC Global, a Panasonic company, addresses these needs through its end-to-end network management solutions.

1,400 mission-critical sites ITC Global, a Panasonic company, manages complex networks around the world

Maximizing operational efficiency

Leading mining and construction companies employ Integrated Remote Operations Centers (IROC) for centralized, automated management of their operations. Through our consultative approach, we work closely to understand your requirements for coverage, bandwidth, remote terminal equipment and field service, so we can customize your system design. Our goal? Pinpoint and scale the solutions you need to maximize profit.

Once we’ve developed your network, we deliver the technology and operational support you need throughout each phase of your operation, including proactive network management 24/7, 365 days a year.

Our success comes from products that address customers’ challenges to make them more productive and their lives less complicated.
Brian Rowley Director, Marketing & Product Management, Panasonic System Communications

The highest levels of reliability, network security and scalability

Interestingly, the Panasonic network that supports your ground operations started in the air. Built by our avionics teams to support the world’s major international airlines, our network is now being leveraged by ITC Global to provide boundless connectivity to remote mining and construction sites, among others. It delivers:

  • Connectivity in the frequency best suited to your operation, accommodating existing equipment
  • Bandwidth coverage that knows to focus on high-demand areas
  • Cyber security to prevent hacking to gain commodity intelligence
  • 10 times more capacity with new high-throughput satellites (HTS)
Using powerful lithium ion batteries to provide high performance for up to 8 hours, our mobile devices are compact and lightweight enough to meet strict industrial safety regulations and requirements.

Mobile computing power, purpose-built for the field

Designed for rough-and-tumble mobile usage, our Toughbook® laptops and tablets offer mining workers the most dependable way to get the job done. And, we have ultra-mobile models to ensure maximum efficiency and keep workers connected, efficient and highly productive. Built to go wherever crews need to go, the Toughpad® lineup with daylight-readable touch screens provides easy access to information even in the harshest weather and roughest conditions.

It’s just one more way we’re delivering compelling solutions for all phases of mining and construction operations.


Real-time operations and communications

When BHP Billiton, one of the world’s largest commodity producers, set out to deploy a first-of-its-kind integrated remote operations center, they turned to us. We provided a high-performance satellite network that supported real-time automation systems and improved operational efficiency.