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Revolving Closet System (2520 mm)


Product details

​​​​​​This Revolving Closet System gives you easy reach to every item; a smooth, rotating mechanism makes clothing accessible from any angle, even in narrow closets.

Key features

  • Rotate clothing to view it from all angles and in the best light
  • Store up to 50 men's suits
  • Self-standing unit
  • Easy to install and operate

Specification Description
Capacity 50 suits
Dimensions (Opening) (W x H x D) --
Dimensions (Product) (W x H x D) 2318 x 2158 x 726 mm / 91.26 x 84.96 x 28.58 inches
Dimensions (Cabinet) (W x H x D) 2520 x 2350 x 800 mm / 99.21 x 92.52 x 31.5 inches
Dimensions (Package) (W x H x D) 2160/2240 x 500/535 x 200/305 mm / 85.05/88.19 x 19.69/21.06 x 78.7/12 inches
Weight (Product / Package) 37 kg (81.58 lb) / 40 kg (88.18 lb)
Panasonic revolving closet system (2520 mm)

Uniquely designed to save time and space

Know what you're working with without gutting your closet. The Revolving Closet System neatly organizes your clothes and allows you to rotate them so you don't have to. Simply stand back and let it do the grunt work while you choose what to wear.