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Sustainable tech solutions

From electric vehicles and industrial batteries to energy storage and solar modules, Panasonic is leveraging its expertise to create a more reliable, sustainable future.

At Panasonic, we strive to make products and solutions that contribute towards a better, greener and more equitable society. That means providing solutions that address the growing demand for sustainable technology.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Battery Tech

Using its more than 90 years of expertise in battery technology and manufacturing, Panasonic has made highly safe, highly reliable Lithium-ion battery production a reality. A global leader in electric vehicle (EV) battery manufacturing, Panasonic has shipped over 6 billion EV battery cells from our advanced manufacturing facility – the Gigafactory – in Sparks, Nevada.

Sustainability is of critical importance to us in the development of EV batteries. Panasonic cells use significantly less cobalt than other manufacturers, and we have a roadmap to eliminate cobalt altogether to help reduce the environmental and human impacts of cobalt mining. We've also partnered with Redwood Materials, a sustainable battery materials company, to establish the first steps of a closed-loop battery recycling and remanufacturing process.

Our teams have achieved early development of high-capacity batteries with five times more storage capacity utilizing new 4680 cells, contributing to the popularization of environmentally friendly vehicles through lower costs, improved productivity, enhanced range and more. At the same time, Panasonic makes use of a cathode active material to achieve a large reduction in the amount of cobalt used. This resource-saving measure minimizes the environmental impact of the resources used and reduces resource-related risks.

In 2022, we announced plans to open a new lithium-ion battery manufacturing facility in De Soto, Kansas, as part of our long-term commitment to advancing the EV industry in North America. Once operational, this factory is expected to supply batteries for Lucid’s award-winning luxury electric vehicle, Lucid Air, the fastest-charging, longest range EV on the market, and Lucid’s upcoming Gravity SUV.

The development and expansion of EV battery technology plays a key role in our vision for a more sustainable future: According to our own calculations, replacing fossil fuel-powered vehicles with electric vehicles using Panasonic batteries could reduce automotive CO2 emissions by approximately 2.4 million tons.

Solar Energy Solutions

With our solar panels and home battery storage solutions, homeowners can power their homes with clean energy – regardless of the weather.

High-Efficiency Solar Panels

Panasonic’s EverVolt™ Series offers high-efficiency solar panels, available in 350W, 360W, 370W, 380W, 400W and 410W models. Our best-in-class panels, this series delivers more power in less roof space and provides clean solar energy and long-term peace of mind with a comprehensive 25-year warranty from one of America’s most trusted brands.

V2X Mobility Solutions

Panasonic’s Connected Intersections Manager is an application of our award-winning Cirrus by Panasonic™ platform, a cloud-based roadway data management system that delivers real-time, actionable situational awareness of roadway conditions to travelers and roadway operators.

Traffic congestion impacts safety, costs businesses money, disrupts schedules and adds CO2 emissions generated from idling vehicles. The Cirrus by Panasonic Connected Intersections solution targets urban locations and enables traffic flow to prioritize emergency first responders, freight vehicles and public transit. The system utilizes two-way communication to activate a traffic signal response to priority vehicles and prevent traffic congestion delays.

Green Building Materials

Designers and architects are seeking solutions from nature for greener home construction ideas. Whether it's for insulation, energy supply or water systems, novel innovations are emerging to solve challenges around building efficiency, consumption and waste.

Energy Recovery Ventilation

Nearly half of global energy is used in buildings - and when buildings aren't well ventilated, the energy used to heat or cool them can end up wasted when windows are opened to get fresh air. Energy recovery ventilators (ERVs) are a cost-efficient and sustainable way to reduce global energy consumption and provide homes with better indoor air quality (IAQ).

Vacuum-Insulated Glass

Based on the principle that a vacuum does not conduct heat, Panasonic’s Glavenir vacuum-insulated glass is just 6 mm thick, yet offers industry-leading insulation performance. Lead-free vacuum sealing material allows for global use due to its safety and environmental friendliness.

Glavenir’s insulation performance is approximately eight times better than conventional single-panel glass. With many homes in North America sporting a large number of single-panel windows, replacing these windows with Glavenir has the potential to reduce air conditioning energy consumption on a global scale. In fridge-freezer display cases, thin Glavenir panels can provide energy-saving performance with a clean, flat design.