Blue Digital Evidence Management

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Digital Evidence Management for the Future of Policing

Helping police agencies evolve to a comprehensive and centralized management of all digital assets and evidence.
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BLUE Digital Evidence Management Solution by Panasonic

Equipping police services with the tools needed to manage the growth of digital evidence


  • Seamless & Automated Storage

    BLUE Digital Evidence Management provides multiple channels to easily intake digital evidence including data from tablet devices, email, hard-drives, USBs, etc. The data is processed and indexed to allow the ability to search all digital evidence types.

  • Full Audit Trail

    BLUE Digital Evidence Management tracks all user activity. All digital evidence uploaded to the system is tracked and can be accessed by the system administrator to view the detailed log information.

  • Secure Sharing

    Teams can give access to share internally between departments and to external parties through a secured and password protected avenue.


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Test out Panasonic’s full public safety portfolio. In addition to our in-car digital video recording system and body-worn camera, you’ll experience how BLUE Digital Evidence Management simplifies data collection, storage, management and disclosure.

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Digital Evidence Management White Paper

As the needs of police officers evolve, so should the technology they use. Learn more about the flexibility and efficiencies BLUE Digital Evidence Management provides police services when it comes to digital evidence management.

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Pain Points in Digital Evidence Management

Approximately 2,500 petabytes of data will be produced daily around the world in 2019. Discover how BLUE Digital Evidence Management provides police services with a user friendly solution to alleviate the issues associated with storing increasing amounts of digital evidence.

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BLUE Digital Evidence Management answers the call

BLUE Digital Evidence Management (BLUE DEM) is the Canadian public safety market's all in one evidence management system. By 2020, BLUE DEM has the power to reduce police officer administration time by 50%.


The All in One Digital Evidence Management Solution

The rise in digital technology continues to multiply the workload, processes, and operational costs associated with police services. BLUE Digital Evidence Management (BLUE DEM) harnesses technology to change the way officers serve their community. Informative dashboards enable police chiefs to be connected to their data for thoughtful decision making at any time and from anywhere. Storage management is automated with metadata tags, enabling police IT managers to streamline how they track and manage digital evidence. Front-line officers can focus their time protecting the community by spending less time with notes and digital files at the station.


  • Police Chiefs

    Today's police chiefs require always-on connectivity. BLUE DEM is a revolutionary solution to optimize the growing organizational cost of digital evidence management. BLUE DEM automates digital file storage, provides full audit trails, and repurposes resource time.

  • Police IT

    Digital technology continues to increase the workload of police IT, straining resources. Leading IT managers can trust BLUE DEM to streamline digital evidence workflow, optimize metadata rules for automated on premise and cloud storage, and future proof their police service investment with a robust open-API platform.

  • Front-Line Officers

    Officers are sworn into the police to serve their community now and into the future. The definition of how to serve the community is continually changing in a technology driven world. BLUE DEM enables the front-line to codify their evidence tracking in-the-field and provide the community an avenue to upload evidence via a secure public portal.



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