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About Panasonic Assembly Tools

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Helping you build products that make life better

We offer manufacturers complete cordless assembly solutions all in one place.

Who we are

As a manufacturing pioneer, we believe revolutionizing the world begins on the assembly line. We work and innovate every day to help you disrupt your industry and push production forward at a faster pace. From construction equipment requiring the highest torque on the biggest bolts, to driving screws so small the human hand can’t hold them, we’re helping 21st century manufacturers leverage Industry 4.0 assembly technologies.


Quality manufacturing for quality brands

We believe customer satisfaction and an iconic brand image begin with the quality of your products. When quality control, adherence to standards, and precision fastening accuracy are critical, our 100 years of manufacturing excellence and 40 years of tool engineering go to work on your assembly lines every day.


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What we offer

We offer manufacturers complete cordless assembly solutions all in one place. From heavy manufacturing and light assembly to adaptive screw tightening strategies for applications that require high-speed fastening of small parts. Panasonic solutions continue to intrigue production engineers with the cost and sustainable benefits of airhose-free operation.

Offering complete fastening solutions all in one place, Panasonic assembly tools have been giving manufacturers a competitive edge for over 40 years.

Bringing the best together

To enhance our product offerings and better serve today's manufacturers, we've aligned with a world-class European tool maker as exclusive distributor. We welcome HS-Technik into the Panasonic assembly tool family. HS-Technik transducerized DC tools provide intelligent precision fastening strategies that help data-driven factories improve efficiency.

Virtually no torque reaction and a lightweight balanced design reduces worker fatigue, boosts productivity, and increases accuracy.

Enabling smart & sustainable factories

As a company with an eco-responsible mission and employee-centric culture, reduced energy consumption and worker safety hits home at Panasonic. To be truly intelligent, we believe today’s smart factories should be safe and energy efficient.

Not only are our tools emissions-free, they are ergonomically designed to create a healthier, more productive work environment. We’ll help you evolve your sustainability initiatives and move on from energy-hogging, emissions-spewing air compressors and oil-leaking air tools, without sacrificing production efficiency.

A cordless, ergonomic design allows total freedom of movement and greater production efficiency while reducing energy usage.

Industries & Applications

Better products require better tools no matter what you’re building. That’s why the world’s leading manufacturers rely on Panasonic assembly solutions.

For assembly lines where quality control, accuracy, and adherence to standards are critical, Panasonic cordless assembly tools deliver precision fastening for a wide variety of industries, products, and applications.