Digital Proprietary Telephone New


Product details

6-Line Monochrome LCD with Backlight, 24 flexible keys, Built in Electric Hook Switch and High Definiton audio.

Key features
  • 6-line monochrome LCD display with backlight
  • Self-Labelling Flexible Function Key
  • High Definition audio
  • Internal Electric Hook Switch (EHS)

Specification Description
LCD display 6-Line Monochrome
LCD backlight Yes
Flexible CO keys 24
Self-labelling Yes
Soft keys -
Call log (incoming/outgoing) Yes/Yes
Ethernet port -
Power over Ethernet (PoE) -
Headset port Yes ( 2.5 mm)
Electric hook switch (EHS) Yes
Built-in Bluetooth® -
Navigator keys -
(4-Directions Key)
Speakerphone Yes (Full Duplex)
Eco mode -
Wall mountable Option
Dimensions (W x D x H) High position: 205 x 187 x 197 mm / middle position: 205 x 183 x 179 mm / low position: 205 x 187 x 156 mm

Weight 870 g
Digital DSS console -

Monochrome LCD Display

The KX-DT635B features a 3.4" monochrome LCD display, making information easily visible at a glance.

Flexible Keys

Program up to 24 flexible keys (6 keys x 4 pages) on the KX-DT635B, and keep all your frequent contacts at your fingertips.


The KX-DT600 series phones support self-labeling of the flexible function keys, allowing for easy installation and maintenance.

HD audio

Crystal-clear voice quality is a necessity when speaking to your customers and colleagues. The KX-DT600 series delivers precise, wide-band high-definition voice that lets you catch every word whether you're communicating over the handset, speakerphone or optional headset.

Three-Step Screen Angle Adjustment

Three-step adjustment of the phone angle enables use at an angle with little to no glare.