Software Communication System New


Product details

The KX-NSV300 software PBX combines Panasonic's high-quality communication experience with next-generation flexibility and functionality.

Key features

  • Cloud-based virtual PBX system
  • Multi-zone wireless system
  • Remote system maintenance and centralized management
  • Compatibility with wired IP phones, wireless terminals and mobiles softphones

Specification Description
Main CPU Server with x86_64 architecture
Power consumption (fully mounted) -
Memory backup duration -
Mode conversion -
Ring frequency -
Conference call trunk 256 parties (3-32 parties)
Music on hold (MOH) internal Internal 8 music on hold
External paging No External Paging Speaker
Total extensions (max.) 300
SIP extensions (max.) 600
Serial interface port -
Air cooling method Fan
Dimensions (W x D x H) -
Weight (fully mounted) -

Private Cloud

The Private Cloud feature offers your business its own cloud-capable infrastructure. Maintain greater control over your communications and enjoy the highest standards of security without relying on third-party support or services.

Rich Functionality and Compatibility

The KX-NSV300 offers all the functionality of a business communcation server without the need of a hardware server purchase. Its compability with wired IP phones, wireless terminals and software communication applications like UC Pro and the Moblie Softphone offer the ultimate flexibility for organizations and their employees.


The KX-NSV300 ensures that customers receive the service they need while adding flexibility for employees. With the multi-zone wireless feature, employees can receive calls no matter where they are. On-call device switching allows for easy transfer between devices.

Centralized Management and Reliability

Service engineers can perform remote maintenance on the KX-NSV300 by accessing the system securely from anywhere, anytime, meaning your system will always be running the latest updates and providing reliable service.