Business Communications Server


Product details

The Panasonic KX-NSX series delivers the next generation of communication systems to meet today's work styles.

Key features
  • Multi-Connection System with Centralized management
  • 1+1 Redundancy or Isolated Mode
  • Built-in Call Centre
  • Video Communication with video IP phone KX-HDV430 and communication IP camera KX-NTV150 or IP video doorphone KX-NTV160 enable easy video communication

Specification Description
Main CPU Intel ATOM E3845 (Quad core 1.91 GHz)
Power consumption (fully mounted) 50 W
Memory backup duration 7 years
Mode conversion -
Ring frequency -
Conference call trunk 255 parties (85 x 3-party conference call, etc.)
Music on hold (MOH) internal Internal 8 music on hold
External paging No External Paging Speaker
Total extensions (max.) 2000
SIP extensions (max.) 2000
Serial interface port -
Air cooling method Fan
Dimensions (W x D x H) 430 x 340 x 88 mm
Weight (fully mounted) Under 5.0 kg

Multi connection system

The KX-NSX is ideal for any company with scalability. The business communications server supports up to 2,000 users and provides connectability for up to 32 sites with the KX-NS series for seamless communication. It can also save costs for making calls between offices with KX-NS networking as internal calls, and provides sharing up to 128 tenants, unified messaging, an office directory, and much more.

Reliable backup system to survive system failure

If network trouble occurs with a multi-site connection, the KX-NSX at each site can operate as a stand-alone system. With a primary unit and secondary unit installed, if a problem occurs with the working system on the primary unit, the backup system of the secondary unit is promoted to the working system and continues operation as KX-NSX master PBX.


Employees can quickly and reliably communicate with customers and other members when they are away from their desk or outside the office. Mobile phones can be connected as office extensions and used with the same number as the office phone for easy management and customer contact. With UC Pro, presence management, text chat, and video call functions can be used to enhance your business work style.