Product details

The KX-TGP600G is an optimal SIP cordless phone system for small and medium-sized business offices. It enables up to eight handsets to be connected and calls to be made on eight lines simultaneously. The high quality communication technology of Panasonic, enhanced maintenance and management functions, and various types of optional handsets for a wide range of office usage, enable smoother communication in a variety of business scenarios.

Key features
  • Support for 8 DECT wireless handsets and simultaneous outside lines
  • VoIP support
  • Noise reduction functionality

Specification Description
LED Yes (3 colours)
SIP accounts 8
High-quality voice Yes
SIP Security Secure RTP, SIPS/SIP-TLS
Status indicator Yes
Supported handsets Up to 8
Supported VoIP calls Up to 8
Simultaneous voice calls Up to 8
Dimensions (W x D x H) Base unit: 118.7 x 45 x 88.1 mm
Weight 126g


The KX-TGP600G allows you to use up to eight DECT cordless handsets and eight different outside lines at the same time, which potentially saves you the labor and costs of securing several different outside lines as well as the hassle of managing different outside lines.

Noise reduction and dynamic listening volume control

With conventional phones, it is hard to hear the other party when they are in a noisy environment such as a restaurant, because their voice gets muffled by the noise. With the KXTGP600G, noise reduction function can be enabled, on the handset with the press of a button to reduce surrounding noise and hear the other party's voice clearly. In addition, the KX-TGP600G automatically adjusts the receiver volume to an easy-to-hear level if it detects noise when moving from a quiet place to a noisy place.

High quality radio communication

With conventional cordless phones, fading occurs when moving in locations surrounded by metallic ceilings and walls such as in restaurants or shops, making it difficult to hear the other party's voice and have a conversation. Panasonic DECT communication technology in the KX-TGP600G reduces fading and errors to ensure that your important calls are not interrupted, for more comfortable conversations.

Various handset types

A wide variety of optional handsets are provided to meet various customer needs including the KX-TPA60, KX-TPA65, KX-UDT121, and KX-UDT131. The KX-TPA65 desk phone model is a fixed handset suitable for use in office environments that can be easily installed without a wired LAN, to increase the convenience of office work. Combinations of the following lineup including a standard model and tough model enable system configurations that suit the customer environment.

Expandable communication area with repeaters

The coverage area of the base unit is approximately 300 m*1 outdoors and approximately 50 m*1 indoors. A optional repeater for use in wide offices is provided, so the practical communication area can be expanded to a maximum of approximately 200 m*2 indoors.

*1 The distance may vary depending on the environment.
*2 Distance in a straight line. The maximum distance may vary depending on the installation location of the repeaters.

Easy setup and maintenance

The provisioning function of the KX-TGP600G enables remote configuration settings and handset management. You can select two kinds of maintenance methods: local management with a base unit, or service provider management. When management is performed on the provider side, the settings can be confirmed locally but not changed.