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EZSoffit Vent™ Soffit Termination System


Product details

HVI-Certified EZ Soffit Vent™ helps optimize airflow by letting you complete all ducting before soffit panel install. The high performance soffit vent improves overall fan performance and reduces call backs due to poor airflow.

Key features

  • Patent pending soffit termination system ideal for new residential construction
  • Simple, one-stop installation helps reduce total installed costs (callbacks, labor and parts)
  • Unique design eliminates water intrusion costs associated with roof and/or wall terminations

Specification Description
Internal backdraft damper Yes
Duct diameter 4"
HVI certified Yes
Manufactured in ISO 9001 certified facility Yes
Grille size 7.56 sq. in
Grille rotation 360°
Duct adaptor rotation 180°
Pre-soffit install Yes
Duct mount area Side
Product dimensions (H x W x D) 6.00” X 8.00” X 9.38”
Master carton gross weight 1,3 lbs

Save Time and Money with the EZSoffit Vent™ Pre-Soffit Installation

Callbacks caused by under-performing bathroom fans continue to plague the industry. The EZ Soffit Vent from Panasonic lets the fan installer complete ducting in a single trip before soffit installation.

Minimize Risk

There’s no risk of compromised airflow due to excess duct being handled by the siding contractor. They simply need to cut a hole for the grille. A low-resistance back damper eliminates drafts and improves test results while the grille can be rotated so discharge aligns with duct work. And unlike with roof or wall penetrations, there’s minimal risk of water intrusion.

Optimize Air Flow

EZ Soffit Vent™ is a versatile soffit termination system that enables your ventilation fan to deliver optimal airflow resulting in fewer customer call backs and a lower total installed cost.

Easy Snap-fit Bracket

EZ Soffit Vent™ body snap-fits easily into mounting bracket and can be rotated 180 degrees to align with ducting.