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With the right solar panels roof size doesn’t matter

sunline solar panels


Install an appealing solar panel system on a smaller roof that neutralizes homeowner’s ever-increasing electric bills.


Panasonic high efficiency HIT® 330-watt solar panels.


Another Panasonic solar-powered home that offsets about 75% of customer’s electricity usage.

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Project Details

  • Solar panel installer: Sunline Energy, San Diego, CA - Panasonic Premium Installer 
  • Customer: Private homeowner
  • Property type: Single family home
  • Rooftop solar products used: 28 Panasonic HIT® 330-watt panels
  • Power production: 9.2 kW, estimated to generate 1,000+ kWh of power monthly


The Evans family saw energy prices on their San Diego home continue to climb. When their electric bills reached a whopping $540 they knew it was time to make a change to better meet their energy needs. Before making the decision to go solar, they were concerned about three main issues: constraints of a smaller roof on their 1,600 square foot home, curb appeal, and complying with their homeowner's association guidelines.


sunline solar panels
solar panels sunline


After consulting with Panasonic Premium solar installer, Sunline Energy, the homeowners were convinced that solar power was the best solution for saving money and contributing to a greener environment.

Sunline designed a solar power system that exceeded their needs using Panasonic HIT® 330-watt panels. The high efficiency Panasonic panels made the best use of the smaller roof space and enabled maximum power output despite the size limitations.


The Evans solar system can produce 1,260 kilowatt hours of electricity per month, which covers approximately 75% of their average monthly usage. They reported in their first month of generating clean solar electricity, their electric bill was reduced to $132, about one-fourth of the normal monthly bill!

“Solar power in San Diego is no brainer,” said the happy homeowner. “I love my Panasonic panels and all the money I'm saving.”

But that’s not all - the Panasonic solar system will reduce CO2 emissions by nearly 11 tons annually. This is equivalent to removing the greenhouse gases of 2.3 passenger vehicles driven for one year.

Solar energy was a great way to take control of the Evans rising electricity expense and minimize their carbon footprint and impact on the environment. Another win-win for Earth and our customer’s wallet.