Building and Construction Technology Solutions from Panasonic

Maximizing building comfort, control and efficiency

With our comprehensive range of customizable solutions and green technology, we’re helping builders, engineers and architects create more flexible and energy-efficient spaces.

Built on a foundation of smarter thinking

To create buildings that stand out, you need building systems and products that stand out. Panasonic innovations like high-efficiency solar panels and smart appliances offer leading-edge features that buyers value most. And for those looking for efficiency without sacrificing comfort, we’ve created heating and cooling systems that maximize energy usage by analyzing occupancy and activity.

Ventilation concerns? Breathe easier

For over 20 years, we’ve led the way in high-performance, code-compliant Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) solutions that remove moisture and pollutants. With a wide variety of flexible, economical options – including customizable ventilation fans that offer 250+ IAQ solutions – we make it easy to create healthier residential and commercial spaces.

What’s more, our quest for energy efficiency has led us to innovations such as advanced Energy Recovery Ventilators. This technology not only exchanges air with the outside to maximize IAQ, it warms or cools incoming air on entry to lower energy bills.

Sensing changes in the air

In the near future, you’ll be able to take advantage of integrated, smart IAQ systems. Equipped with built-in intelligence, these systems can monitor the indoor environment and automatically manage moisture and pollution.

For uses from flooring to hot water tanks, our vacuum insulation panels provide a heat-loss breakthrough, providing 20 times the performance of standard urethane foam.

Comfort meets efficiency

Have you ever considered how much energy is needlessly wasted with traditional heating and cooling systems? We have. That’s why we developed our industry-exclusive sensors to continuously monitor a room’s cooling needs. These high-precision sensors can reduce cooling in vacant rooms or unoccupied areas, and automatically increase or decrease cooling based on a room’s activity level.

Surpassing traditional HVAC systems, our heating and cooling systems offer optimal comfort and zoned control, with lower operating costs. Groundbreaking inverter technology varies compressor speed to heat and cool rooms faster at startup.

90.76% of rated power After 25 years, our solar panels will continue to deliver far higher performance than conventional panels

Magnifying the sun’s power

After 20 years of producing high-quality, high-efficiency rooftop modules, we continue to shine brighter in solar technology performance and reliability.

Our state-of-the-art heterojunction (HIT®) panels provide impressive efficiency throughout the day, even at high temperatures when conventional panels often go weak. This superior performance is due to a number of innovations, including a unique cell structure that reduces carrier loss, a panel surface that reduces reflection, and a bifacial cell design that captures sunlight from both sides. That’s smart.

Count on us to provide the system design, consulting and support you need to construct better buildings from top to bottom.

Taming the jobsite

Taming the jobsite

To get the job done right, you need the right tools. Like our Toughbook mobile computers that are purpose-built to perform in even the most grueling and extreme conditions. Meanwhile, our cordless power tools offer the highest battery capacity in the industry, which means they’ll work as long and hard as you.


How technology adoption is disrupting the status quo in Building & Construction

Building & Construction: New study available for download

We recently conducted proprietary research with more than 400 technology decision-makers in North America, across 13 industries – including Building & Construction.

Most leaders say it's riskier to adopt technologies too late rather than too soon. Though leaders in Building & Construction are worried about threats from within the industry, almost 7 in 10 say investing in technology can help stave off competitors from the outside.

Download our study to see the full impact of disruptive technologies on your industry. You’ll read how some companies are already using technology to disrupt barriers like net-zero regulations in Building & Construction and how they plan to drive multi-year growth by increasing Renewable Energy use and storage.