Transportation & Logistics Technology Solutions from Panasonic

Advanced mobility for every link in the supply chain

What connects the factory to the warehouse to the store shelf? An industry of dedicated transportation and logistics professionals relying on our technologies to get the job done right.

A 24/7 industry needs solutions to keep it running like clockwork

Supply chain enterprises have countless interconnected elements. We’re working hard to improve those interactions, with forward-thinking logistics and supply chain management support to move products to and from plants and warehouses, on shore and off.

Whether it’s tracking containers from ship to rail, scanning boxes at a loading dock, or handling baggage at the airport, we have the custom-designed technology your workers need.

-20° to 140° F Extreme temperatures are no match for our fully rugged mobile computing devices

Truck it, ship it, load it on a rail car – it all moves better with mobile computing

In its long journey, cargo is handled by many different hands: dock workers, truckers and front-line rail employees, like conductors and yard workers. Each works in fast-paced, demanding conditions where equipment has to be rugged to keep up. That’s why our laptops, tablets and handhelds are built to survive drops from several feet from a train platform or a -21 °C (-6 °F) day when freight has to keep moving.

The conditions are no less challenging in the warehouse, where you need to keep track of tons of cargo being shuffled through each hour. Mounting our devices on forklifts, you can keep operators in continuous motion, scanning barcodes with built-in cameras or using touch-screens to enter information - even with gloves on.

We chose rugged Toughbook [computers] for trucking service bays so dealers would have reliable tech to streamline diagnostics and repairs.
Tom Beesley, Electronic Service Tools Manager, Navistar, Inc.

Pinpointing the position of shipments

When it comes to moving goods, our mobile computers ensure a seamless digital workflow by connecting your workforce, cargo and infrastructure. Truckers, for example, can reduce delivery errors with digital bills of lading that track and report cargo status in real time, and decrease fuel costs through intelligent route planning.

No one-trick ponies, our tablets and handhelds can support all your needs in transit, including full-size logistical applications and ticket scanning. Available with integrated barcode scanners, mag stripe readers, built-in RFID and comprehensive wireless capabilities, they get the job done, no matter where it happens to be.

Toughpad® devices pack enterprise-grade computing power in small, lightweight handhelds that flight attendants, ticket agents and baggage handlers can drop in their pockets.

Communications solutions to keep data flowing to fleets

On the ocean, our industry-leading global satellite network enables ship operators to stay connected without interruption. With that always-on connectivity, they can greatly improve the efficiency of their operations, from fleet management to route optimization.

Automation helps streamline a labor-intensive industry

Connecting your workforce – so they can send and receive critical data in real time – is a vital step in embracing the future, as are automated processes, next-generation software and the use of industrial robots. At Panasonic, we’re continually working to streamline your operations to help reduce costs and heighten productivity.

From factory to retail store, shipyard to front door, count on us for strategic solutions and innovative technologies that work as hard as you do.

Shortening inspections by 50%

Pierce Manufacturing, the largest fire and emergency apparatus manufacturer in the US, shifted from pen and paper for customer inspections to Toughbook computers. They can now accurately analyze field data, halve inspection time, obtain more accurate customer feedback and more easily document equipment changes.